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July 20, 2016

7 Marketing Podcasts You Should Add to Your Playlist

Subscribing to podcasts is almost the same as subscribing to blogs. In fact, podcasts are often distributed through a blog on topic such as marketing, SEO or others.

Podcasts are really popular right now and do a great job of storytelling. They are also a fantastic way for staying informed. Podcasts will help you get to know the modern trends in marketing and how to apply them for the success of your business. And you will be able to receive this information whether you are in front of a PC or are in your car, or somewhere else.

Here are seven amazing marketing podcasts that will help you stay in touch with the marketing world. The best thing to do is to add at least a few to your playlist. Thus, you will constantly acquire new knowledge to help your business prosper.

1. Online Marketing Made Easy – by Amy Porterfield

1Amy Porterfield is an online entrepreneur who will teach you how to make your online marketing profitable. She offers you successful, lead generation tools that will pave your road to success: a bigger e-mail list, loyal audience, effective content marketing and others.

Amy’s podcast concerns all e-mail marketing, video marketing, webinar recording, Facebook sharing, tweeting, Pinterest, YouTube and others.

2. Internet Business Mastery 

2This podcast will help you create a flourishing, successful Internet-based business by triggering traffic. It is focused on the combination of Web 2.0 with classic online marketing tools. The main goal is to have passive income streams and achieve a stable online existence.

The target group includes both new business owners and more experienced business people who want to achieve better results. The podcast is focused on SEO, blogging, social media marketing, e-mail list building, online viral video social network marketing and much more. This podcast has all the knowledge needed to make you a successful Internet entrepreneur.  You will learn how to use your experience and ideas both to make money and to find new business opportunities.

3. Copyblogger FM

3This is a useful, weekly and short-form podcast hosted by Sonia Simone. Every week, the host and a group of experts focus their attention on copywriting, content marketing, e-mail marketing, and many other topics that will help you succeed as an entrepreneur.  The weekly form of the podcast is quite convenient. Week by week, you will be able to learn new things and become more proficient in marketing. And, if you are successful in applying some of the ideas you hear, your business will also constantly grow and achieve better results.

4. Marketing Optimization w/ AlexDesigns

4It pays attention on the ways to really make more money from the website traffic you currently have. Real experts in content marketing, conversion rate optimization, and Web analytics will reveal some secrets and basic principles for success. The great thing about this podcast is that it focuses on your current situation and what you now have. You will learn how to better use your potential and achieve excellent results.

The man behind this podcast, Alex Harris, is a paid public speaker. He is a best selling author on Amazon and has a ton of useful advice to share on marketing strategies.

5. Social Media Marketing Happy Hour 

5This podcast is great for everyone who wants to make social media work for their business.  It will help you have a bigger list, more leads and more sales. Each podcast episode has a duration of 15 minutes.  Five days per week, you will receive excellent tips that will lead your business to real success.

6. Social Pros Podcast

6This podcast shares the experience of social media practitioners. These are the people who are totally involved in social media marketing and know how to deal with it. Each podcast episode consists of valuable  insights from a leading social media expert. The attention is also focused on current trends in social media marketing and useful ideas. At the end, you will hear ‘The Big Two’ – the guest will answer two important and essential questions on social media marketing.

7. PNR: This Old Marketing | Content Marketing

7This podcast on content marketing is being presented by Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose. They are popular experts in the content marketing sphere.  They will pay attention to the modern content marketing trends. Their discussions are focused on how businesses could use content to help them attract loyal customers.

The episodes of this podcast are always informative, useful and entertaining. If you have 60 minutes to spend on learning valuable new things, you should really have this podcast in your playlist. During the 60-minute episodes, the hosts of the podcast talk about content marketing in the rants, news, and raves. They also share real-life content marketing ideas. This podcast offers new and valuable knowledge each time, so do not ignore it.

Podcasts will help you stay informed and keep an eye on the constantly changing world of marketing. By adding some of the top marketing podcast to your lists, you will help yourself prosper as an entrepreneur and make your business amazingly successful.


Karen Dikson is a creative writer at EduGeeksClub. In her free time, Karen enjoys reading classical literature, music and traveling. Connect with Karen via Twitter.