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July 25, 2016

The Positive Side of Cellphone Spying

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Usually, when we talk about anything related to spying it brings a negative image to our mind. The fact is, there are a lot of positive things being done through cellphone spying or, should we say, tracking and monitoring. Yes there are concerns over privacy issues and they will stay there and they should stay there; they are the balancing factor. The process of monitoring and tracking via apps and other software needs to have a check because these apps and software are basically tools. As with all tools, they can be used for a good purpose or a bad one – it’s all up to the person wielding the tool. We will look into the positive side of using monitoring and tracking apps.

Businesses and the use of monitoring and tracking apps.


Companies across the world realize that as the world turns more into a global village, competition will get tougher resulting in a rise of corporate security. Corporations cannot afford to have their business secrets leaked out to their competitors and that is why these companies have started asking employees to sign a monitoring consent form along with a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).  These companies have realized that NDA is more of a psychological deterrent and at the same time a passive one. If any corporate secrets were to be leaked out there is little that these companies can do except following legal proceedings, but the damage has already been done.

With the monitoring consent forms, these companies have started issuing their employee’s Smart devices such as phones and tablets that are installed with spying apps capable of monitoring and tracking employees. The company also picks up the tab on all official and personal communication and lets the employee keep the devices after a couple years. It might be a perk for the employees but it gives corporations peace of mind regarding their business.

Companies don’t have to rely on cellphone spying to just keep business secrets they can also be used to, depending on the type of business, check on employee behavior or analyze ways to improve productivity. Just recently the largest cab company in the world, Uber announced that it would use monitoring and tracking apps to check on their drivers driving habits that would include speed, breaking, and other factors. They mainly wanted to see why some trips were rated worse than others.

Better employee management is also another aspect that these businesses use such apps for. Using the tracking feature they can accurately tell when an employee came to work, how long he stayed on the premises and when he or she came and went – for any official or personal task. The management can also use the scheduling options in their associates’ smart devices to arrange meetings that would not interfere with their pre-planned official tasks. This not only creates a healthy positive work environment but also increases employee motivation and productivity.

Parents relying on cellphone spying to protect children


There is no greater love in the world than the love parents have for their children. Most of the monitoring and tracking apps in use focus on this aspect. In fact in South Korea, the government has made it mandatory that Smart devices being sold to minors should have a monitoring and tracking app installed on them with the control given to the parents. It just goes to show how seriously people are taking child safety. In India such apps are used to give parents peace of mind regarding their kids: they are notified when they get on the bus, reach the school, and when they come back.

The scenarios above are just a fraction of what these apps are capable of. The main threat that parents realize is social media and anonymous chatting through apps such as Kik, Omegle, and others. Pedophiles and other dangerous stalkers use such mediums to get in touch with and lure young kids and, if they are successful, the consequences are usually disastrous.  Spy apps allow parents to not only view the online presence of their children but to control it to some extent as well. This way parents can keep an eye out for their kids and know the conversations that they have on IM chats. Even some law enforcement officials recommend that parents monitor their kids’ online presence and to restrict it especially during the evening and at night.

A Suitable Example


Having mentioned some of the most positive uses of cellphone spying. It would be unfair if we did not give mention to some of the other features and functionalities that such apps have. These apps and other similar apps like xnspy provide complete access to call records on a smart device, call recording, and complete text monitoring allowing the user to read all text messages that are received via SMS, IM chats, and e-mail. They have access to calendar schedules, browser history, bookmarks, all pictures and videos on the device and location history of where the device has been throughout the course of the day. These features not only help parents and businesses but can be used for personal use such as self-management as well.


Sara Johnson graduated from the University of Minnesota with a major in Journalism. From the start, Sara choose technology as her main point of focus. She writes about technology companies and technologies that will one day shape our future. Being an avid gamer, she likes to play PC and console games during her free time.