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Yahoo Unveils Major Messenger Makeover for Desktop Users

Yahoo, which this week was acquired by Verizon, has launched a completely revamped Messenger app for desktop users.

Yahoo MessengerAvailable to Mac and Windows users, the update comes more than half a year after the same features arrived for mobile users.

“Since we launched the new Yahoo Messenger at the end of last year, you’ve enjoyed an energized messaging experience built around groups,” senior director of product management Austin Shoemaker said in a blog post.

“Want to share photos from your latest vacation or simply spice up a message? Save precious time with our drag and drop feature to share multiple photos at once. Then, spread the love by “liking” any posts or images that stand out to you. If you’d rather reply with a GIF, you can easily search and send GIFs to your heart’s content. Pro tip: play GIF roulette and type /gif + any search term.”

The coolest feature, however is the unsend option. Even after a message or photo has been sent, if you change your mind about something your wrote or decide you don’t like the photo, you can simply click the ‘unsend’ option and it will be permanently deleted — meaning no one will be able to see it.

Messenger’s desktop notifications also permit you to multitask at your computer without having to worry about missing an important message from family, friends, or co-workers.

The Yahoo Messenger desktop app is available for download immediately. If you’re using the old version of the Yahoo Messenger desktop app, you need to update by Aug. 5 because the legacy Yahoo Messenger app will no longer be functional.

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