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Ford to Mass Produce Autonomous Vehicles in Five Years

Five years.

That’s how long before, Ford Motor Company says, it will be mass producing fully autonomous vehicles. These vehicles won’t even feature steering wheels or pedals for drivers.

fordIt’s a lofty goal, and even more impressive to be set publicly, but that’s exactly what the company did when it announced its intentions Tuesday.

In a blog post, Ford’s president and CEO, Mark Fields, noted, “We’re designing this first generation of autonomous vehicles specifically to be used for ride hailing and ride sharing — another seismic shift in the transportation landscape. The nature of ownership is changing. More and more people rely on shared forms of transportation. That means cars will be used more efficiently, decreasing pollution, saving people time hunting for parking and helping reduce traffic congestion, all over the world, making life better for all of us.”

To get there, Ford is expanding its presence in Silicon Valley going from a single Research and Innovation Center building to creating an entire campus with the addition of two buildings right across the street. The company, Fields stated, will double staff by the end of next year, and is already attracting some of the best engineers, technologists, designers and researchers available.

“Of course, putting a mass-produced autonomous vehicle on the road in five years is not without a lot of innovation and hard work in front of us. This is a transformational moment for our industry, and for Ford.,” he added in the post.

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  • Nice idea, but when a pedestrian steps into the path of one of these autonomous vehicles will it brake hard so as to avoid hitting the pedestrian or will it just continue so as to avoid injuring the passengers? Or will it be made illegal for people to cross the road?