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Google Appeal Denied by Russian Court

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Google has suffered another blow in its bid to Android antitrust charges in Russia.

GoogleA court there has turned down the company’s appeal as it continues to fight the charges linked to its requirement of companies using the Android operating system to preinstall some Google apps and services. Without those certain apps and services smartphone users cannot use the Google Play store.

Google’s Russian counterpart, Yandex, has argued the arrangement is a breach of competition laws.

So far, as reported by Tech Crunch, Russian courts have been agreeing with Yandex.

Google, earlier this month, was slapped with a $6.7 million US fine by Russia’s Federal Antimonopoly Service agency. That fine came after the antitrust complaints were held up by Russian courts.

As Android Headlines reported, the appeal decision leaves Google with a few options.

The company could appeal the verdict in a higher court or it may accept it and change the way it drafts agreements with phone makers in Russia.

If the latter approach is taken, the verdict’s fallout may have a bearing on how the antitrust proceedings against Google in Europe will pan out.

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  • Google is having bad day in Russia. I am hearing all the bad news in tech industry. We don’t know where are we going anymore.

  • Good – glad to hear that the Russians are standing up to Google in regards to Android.

    Although I’ve no figures to back it up, I’d expect the vast majority of people outside of the tech/IT/telecommunications world, don’t link Android to being a Google (or is that Alphabet) controlled operating system – instead, thinking, that it’s an ‘open source’ OS. The more people who hear about this (and I’m sure, if the EU has it’s way, many more will), the better.