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Android Update Should Land Next Week

Google hasn’t said anything official as of yet, but it appears to next Android update is just days away.

Android NougatIt was a Canadian mobile carrier, Telus, that inadvertently revealed the release date of the update. 9To5Google stumbled upon the information by cruising the Telus Forums.

In its report, the site noted the list is maintained by a handful of community managers and was updated earlier this week. In that list is a number of devices which receive regular security patches such as Samsung phones and the Nexus 5 and 6.

There are a number of updates already listed for August, but on August 22 both LG Nexus 5X and Huawei Nexus 6P are scheduled for the “Android N Update.”

Android N is, of course, Android Nougat, the next generation in the operating system.

As Forbes reported, the speed of the update is somewhat surprising, but Google has already stated after the Android 7.0 Developer Preview 5 release, which rolled out last month, it was ready to be distributed to users.

Users, at that time, were being encourraged to upgrade using the Android beta program.

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