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August 22, 2016

B2B eCommerce Trends: 9 Experts Discuss the Big Shift That’s Coming to B2B

Image courtesy of (Stuart Miles)/

Whether it’s in the blogosphere, at conferences, or on social media, we’re hearing a lot about the growth of B2B eCommerce this year. B2B sales are moving from the phone line to online, and that has profound implications for both the B2B industry and the eCommerce solutions industry.

To facilitate this discussion and help educate professionals in the B2B and eCommerce services industry, we interviewed nine experts on the emerging trends in B2B ecommerce. We asked some pointed questions, and we got an array of intelligent, informative answers. We hope this article will help B2B eCommerce developers, designers, and industry professionals.

Here are the questions we asked:

1. How might an eCommerce model streamline the world of B2B sales?

2. What types of innovation would you like to see in B2B eCommerce functionality?

3. Where does a professional sales staff fit into a B2B eCommerce business plan?

4. How can B2B eCommerce managers encourage their customer base to transition from phone orders to web orders?

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