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15 Tips and Tools to Help You Create SEO-Friendly Content

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Internet marketing is constantly changing and evolving so it is important to make sure that your content is SEO-friendly.

If you are unsure of how to create SEO content or maybe you are looking for a way to make your content better aligned with SEO; we are going to help you with some great tips and tools.

7 Tips for Writing SEO Content

If you follow these tips you should be able to write SEO-friendly content which your reader will find informative and feel like you are talking to directly to them.

1. Plan before you write. Before you even begin writing you need to think about what you want to tell your reader. Then plan for the tone, the purpose, and what you want your readers to do by the end of the post. Do you want them to purchase something, join an e-mail list, or leave a comment? When you have a good grasp of where you want to go with this post then begin writing.

2. Headers. When you begin writing, you need to use headers and subheaders. The reason for using headers and subheaders is so that you can use keywords better and your article is easily skimmed. Articles that can be skimmed easily are much more likely to be shared.

3. Write informative and engaging material for your readers. The more informative and engaging the article the more it is shared, upping your trustworthiness. It is also better for ranking in the search engines.

4. Don’t short-change the length of your content. If you can make your point in 600 words, then use 600, otherwise, keep writing until the information you are giving is complete and reads naturally.

5. Optimize the images you use. Images are an important element in making your content interesting and shareable. People will share your content more easily and are much more likely to make a purchase if there is an image of the product you are selling. Make sure the picture loads quickly and has keywords in the description of the picture Meta tags.

6. Pay attention to your keywords; place them according to the word count and structure of your article. One thing you do not want to do is stuff your article with keywords. Stuffing will lose you page ranking. Choose your keywords before you start writing — it is then easier to build your topic around the keywords.

7. Set your work apart from others with a unique point of view. Share your experience of a product or service with a story of how it worked or didn’t work, what you liked or disliked, and if you could change something to make it better what it would be. This is sure to engage your reader and set your work apart from others.

The tips above will help you when writing your content so it is informative, authoritative, and shareable.

This will help you in the search engine rankings as well as garner links from other well-known high-ranking writers.

8 Tools to Help with Content Creation

Besides the tips, we have some tools that will help with content creation we want to share with you.

These tools can help you in several areas and you may even wish to use more than one of them.

Free apps:

1. Small SEO Tools — This is a collection of great tools that you can use to help you create SEO-friendly content. Plagiarism and grammar checkers, meta tag analyzer, keywords suggestion, and an article writer are just a few of the many tools you will find available to use for free.

2. — With this free tool, you enter a keyword and it will provide you with a list of keyword choices in alphabetical order.

3. QuickSprout Website Analyzer — This tool will give you a full analysis of your site, from SEO optimization, speed, tags, keywords, social and links.

4. Keyword WordStream  — This provides keyword research assistance for any type of content. You initially have 10 free searches, after which you get one free every day after that. Users can transfer results and include those with daily chores to stay on top of keyword concentration.

Pay to use:

1. Plagtracker — This will help you make sure that the content you are publishing is properly cited and or referenced and is plagiarism free. The rare testing algorithm is trustworthy and quick.

2. Hemingway App — When you write content for the Web it is a bit different that writing content for print. When it comes to the Internet, people’s attention spans are extremely short, therefore, you need to write in short but interesting sentences that communicate information quickly. Hemingway app will help you keep your content well-defined and forthright.

3. Ginger  — This helps you develop better grammar skills and corrects text. It finds unique grammar mistakes and problems such as misused words with accuracy. It’s a good proofreader and editor for content vendors working alone and it’s a strong way to acquire improved writing skills. One thing to note: there is also a free version to get content creators started.

4. Read-Able — This tool provides a detailed readability score that is based on the age group it is best suited for. This allows you to write your content for a more specific target audience. As an example, if you are writing for a group of Grade 6 students you don’t want to use words that college seniors would use. If your readers have to continually stop reading to look up a word, they will leave your content and not come back.

One thing you should be aware of is that the free tools work fine but usually, the pay tools have far more uses.

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