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Fuel Your Imagination With These 4 Unconventional Business Event Rules

Deciding on the best venue for your event – whether formal or not – is a lot more challenging than meets the eye. It’s tough to make a choice because you need a place that can speak for itself; a place that exudes comfort, style and originality. When attending a business event, the venue is also part of the experience, and people want to feel that. Ballrooms and meeting rooms look the same; they have nothing special and this could make people seem uninterested in what you have to say. That’s why you need to do things differently. Use your creative spirit to fuel their imagination and check out the following four rules of unconventional business events.


1. Decide on a location that can create an impact

Choose the best place for your event, and find a way to impress your audience. Think outside the box for once and impress them with something they’ve never seen before. An outdoor corporate conference venue, for example, is an excellent option for a business event. The mere idea of listening to someone speak while being surrounded by natural habitat is enticing and attention grabbing. Put yourself into the shoes of your attendees and try to guess how they would feel listening to a presentation outside. The fresh air, the scent of the flowers, the wind, and the abundant vegetation will appeal to all of their senses. If you’re planning a social, casual event, it might be a good idea to include a Swedish buffet with food and drinks. This will make attendees feel more welcomed, and they’ll be a lot more curious to know what you have to share with them.

2. Have your space properly defined

For a business event to draw in attendees, it must be properly defined. If not, people won’t be able to differentiate your presentation from what’s happening around them. If you’ve decided to hold a presentation in a garden, have the perimeter outlined. Set up chairs and tables, make sure it is positioned right, and use ribbons or tall flower pots to delineate the venue. Make sure the entrance is visible to everyone. A special area where people can buy tickets and get name tags is mandatory. Don’t forget to specify whether or not attendees must be dressed formally or casually; and last but not least, have a set of rules clearly laid out at the entrance (e.g. please turn off your phones, video recording is forbidden, etc.)


3. Choose a theme that can support your objectives

Unconventional business venues must feature a theme. In this way, you’ll manage to draw people’s attention and make them curious to know more about you and your business. Whether you’re setting up an event to talk about your company’s revolutionary herbal cream or you just want to tell them about a new business concept that you have, it is important to use your creative spirit to instill trust and boost awareness. Settle on a theme that can support your objectives — this will help attendees relate to your chosen location. A meeting in the park decorated with flowers and pink décor accents can instantly make them believe that you’re advertising baby products or girly accessories.

4. Support interaction with attendees

Unconventional business events are in trend this season. As opposed to classic events where people come to hear someone speak and then leave, ingenious presentations are all about making the experience memorable. Attendees are given the chance to interact with the speaker; they’re more than welcomed to participate in the discussion and come up with their own ideas to make meeting fun and enjoyable. Doing things differently than your competition is a great idea. Your event will stand out and the mere fact that attendees participated might make them relate better to your product and business goals.


Follow the rules and transform a common business event into the most unusual and out-of-the-ordinary meeting. Make your business goals stand out by using unconventional ideas to draw attention. Nowadays, companies must think outside the box to be noticed. Give attendees a reason to show up and set up your event someplace different. Believe it or not, everyone will want to go to an event organized in an art gallery or national park because it’s something you don’t see every day.

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