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Google’s Crowdsource App Asks Users to Pitch in on Translation

Google needs your help.

The tech titan has launched Crowdsource, an application through which users can help improve services like Google Translate and Maps.

The company told Tech Crunch the pilot project went live Monday.

Crowdsource, as yet, offers no financial incentive or reward for helping Google out. The only reward thus far appears to be betterment of services for users.

A Google spokesman told Tech Crunch that “people may be inclined to use [Crowdsource] because, for many languages, tools like Translate, Image Recognition, etc. aren’t very good right now.”

The app asks users to list the languages they are fluent in before they can take on translation tasks. For other services, there are buttons that enable users to choose from a list of five- to 10-second tasks such as image transcription, handwriting recognition, translation, translation validation and map translation validation.

According to Android Police many of the images users are asked to translate are street signs, while the handwriting samples available for translation resemble “chicken scratches.”

Crowdsource is available for download on Google Play. The app is not available to iOS users.

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