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Google Debuts In Apps, a Search Mode for Your Content

Google Android
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Google has launched an ‘In Apps’ search mode to make it easier for you to find content on your Android-run Smartphone.

IPA 0P Demo - LGIPA Name Search Demo - Nexus (FB Messenger)The new search mode, which ferrets out what you are searching for from installed apps can be found by going to the Google app on your Android phone and choosing the In Apps tab.

In Apps enables you to find your contacts and messages and find and enjoy your favorite songs and videos as well as stay organized by instantly finding notes or documents.

“Searching your personal results happens entirely on your phone, so you can search even when you’re not connected to Wi-Fi or cellular data,” Google product manager Timo Mertens wrote in a blog post.

“Only you can see your personal results, and you can control what apps appear by going to Settings within the Google app.”

So far, In Apps works with Gmail, Spotify, YouTube and other similar apps, but Google will also be adding compatibility with Facebook Messenger, LinkedIn, Evernote, Glide, Todoist and Google Keep to the mix in the near future.

In Apps will be featured prominently on LG’s upcoming V20 phone with a dedicated shortcut on the homescreen and Second Screen.

The LG V20 will be the first Smartphone with this dedicated shortcut.

“So whether you’re using the new LG V20 or the Google app on your Android phone, finding your favorite tune, that long-lost e-mail or your to-do list is easier than ever before,” Mertens added.

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  • How soon until they add the ability to search by date in the Search App. I can filter on the mobile search page, but last time I looked, the option still wasn’t available on the Search app.

  • This is really an amazing app for finding content from different apps available on phone and this feature much similar like Apple’s spotlight which allows finding content directly on a phone. No doubt Google apps are always compatible with other operating systems.