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4 New Ways to Generate Conversions

“It is much easier to double your business by doubling your conversion rate than by doubling your traffic.”

― Jeffrey Eisenberg, CEO at Buyer Legends

Conversions are the lifeblood of almost every digital business. For most brands, conversions are driven by e-mail marketing campaigns, SEO best practices to boost awareness in the SERPs and optimized websites and landing pages.

While all of these tactics are still relevant and effective, there is a wide variety of other modalities that can drive more conversions than all of these tactics combined.

If you are looking to go beyond the scope of e-mail messaging and SEO to score substantial conversion numbers, check out these four strategies that will crush your current standard.

1. Consumer Optimized Content

Content is certainly the bedrock of a great SEO strategy, but it is capable of performing at much higher levels than just driving site visits.

Consumer optimized content will still need to meet all of the typical criteria of stellar copy; it needs to include keywords that rank, be unique, have more than 1,000 words, address consumer pain points, etc. What you will truly want to focus on here is any issue that a consumer is seeking to solve that your product or service can address. Allow your content to take a deep dive into the problem and various solutions, but at the end of the piece offer up a call to action to shop your site for the sought out solutions. Detail why your offering is the most effective and compelling fix for the problem.

Additionally, supply consumers with a coupon or discount code for following the CTA and provide an additional incentive for them to make a purchase straight away.

2. Impactful Influencer Marketing

By now, nearly everyone in the realm of business and advertising has heard of influencer marketing; the practice in which brands leverage powerful social media figures to promote products or services. And there is a simple reason why so many have heard of it and use it; it can work wonders, with sky-high ROIs.

Influencers are extremely effective at driving conversions because they are not only seen as experts in their field, but consumers in their own right. A recent Experticity funded study by Dr. Jonah Berger of the Wharton School and the Keller Kay Group revealed that 82 percent of the surveyed consumers said they were highly likely to follow a recommendation that came from a micro influencer. The co-founder, chief operation officer and lead researcher of the Keller Fay Groups, Brad Fay, remarked on the matter by stating:

“Our research shows that real life influencers who are passionate about what they are recommending have significantly more buying conversations, and consumers are more likely to act on their recommendations.”

Additionally, a 2015 study from RhythmOne showed that sponsored Instagram posts from influencers garner an average of 177 actions per 1,000 views; this is a highly significant rate of engagement.

Today, there are a variety of platforms like TapInfluence and Speakr that make it exceedingly easy to connect with influencers that can help you catapult your awareness and conversions.

3. Creative Social Media Ads

In the age of the Internet, more businesses are spending the majority of their ad dollars on digital advertising  than traditional promotional avenues. Generating ads through social portals like Facebook can be the key tactic to your business’ overall success.

Not only do platforms like Facebook allow advertisers to create a variety of compelling ads, but each can be accompanied by a call-to-action for signing up, downloading something, buying products and much more.

Additionally, Facebook allows ad creators to generate lookalike and custom audiences to target, and even retarget, folks who have already visited your website. This is a significant conversion booster considering that Forrester research has shown that only three percent of consumers will make a purchase their first time visiting a website. Among the other 97 percent, 71 percent will add an item to their cart but ultimately abandon it. By using remarketing codes, you can recapture consumers and get them to convert.

4. Advocacy Marketing

Advocacy marketing leverages a brand’s most loyal, vocal and diehard customers to spread the good word of a company through social media, referrals to friends and family, reviews, and much much more. Advocates are even aces at helping to create content for an organization; golden, as we know user generated content can be a game-changer. Crowdtap and Ipsos uncovered that user generated content is 20 percent more influential on buying decisions and 50 percent more trustworthy that any other type of media among the Millennial generation.

Advocacy marketing is an effective promotional modality, partially due to the raw power of word-of-mouth advertising, and certainly due to the potency of peer-to-peer recommendations. A research study from Mintel displayed 70 percent of Americans prowl for advice before making a purchase and 72 percent of 25-34 year-olds head to social media for such advice. By leveraging those who already consume your products to convince others to do the same, you can convert huge numbers of individuals into more passionate customers who will then turn around and become advocates in their own right.

There are many ways to convert the average consumer into a customer of your brand. The key is to find the modalities that work best and continue to produce results. Through leveraging the strategies listed here, you are employing tactics that can not only generate epic results, but will also have a longer life span than e-mail blasts. Incorporate these practices into your blueprint and watch your conversion rates spike.

Which of these methods do you plan to utilize to boost your conversions?

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