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10 Things You Didn’t Know about Kevin Systrom

Kevin Systrom grew up in a small town called Holliston, just outside of Boston, Massachusetts. He said he enjoyed doing many different things as he was growing up. He was drawn to Stanford when he was interviewing at many different universities, and wanted to study and learn where “people worked hard” while living in a beautiful place. He studied abroad in Florence for three months, lived with a host family and spent his extra time creating a classified ad service called The Tree List, which helped students to buy and trade things they need for the school year. Not many people used the goods transfer service, but the skills he learned about programming and marketing were valuable for his future with Instagram.

Systrom is a programmer and entrepreneur, known worldwide as the CEO of Instagram. Together with co-founder Mike Krieger, Systrom attributes the company’s success to their simple product and collaborative working practices. The mobile photo and video sharing application provides a social networking service for Smartphone users that allows them to add special filters to photos and then share them instantly within the service and on other social networks.

More than 400 million people use Instagram regularly in the world. Systrom’s net worth is about $1.1 billion, but here are 10 things you didn’t know about him:

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