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September 14, 2016

7 Ways Bloggers Are Growth Hacking Their Content

Image Credit: Kristina B via flickr

One of the big mistakes you can make as a blogger is to write up your content and think your job is done.

In truth, you’ve only made it half way. The hardest part is still to come: to make certain the content gets in front of as many eyes as possible, because how else can you build the following you need?

Here is what you need to do:

Become a regular contributor on a blog

Rather than spreading yourself around on dozens of different blogs, consider focusing your attention on one or two big blogs so you can take advantage of the mere exposure effect. What’s that? This occurs when people start liking something solely because they’ve been exposed to it a bunch of times.

And so, when you publish on the same blog a number of times, readers will start liking you more and more because they’ve seen a number of your articles. And that will be far more likely to translate into new fans (rather than casual visitors) than posting across a wide range of blogs.

Tags, keywords and SEO plugins

There are plenty of plugins out there that can really help you make the most of your blog posts – what’s more most of them are free. Install tools that will help you decide on the right tags and keywords, as well as how to optimize your content for SEO.

In truth, this is a long-term strategy — most of this stuff will only start working when you’ve built up a bit of a following. At the same time, you’ve got to think long-term with blogs, because it generally takes a long time to build them up.

Ultimately you want to make certain that people find your content not just through social media, but through search engines as well. When that starts to happen, then your traffic really starts to flow.

Consider paid advertising on social media for your really good stuff

‘What?’ some of you cry, ‘Paying people? I’m blogging to get paid. What kind of blasphemy is this?’ It might hurt to pay to get your content in front of people, but consider this: If you’re willing to ghostwrite content for other people, they’ll pay you somewhere in the vicinity of $25 to $100 per article.

That means that writing a guest post for a website, which is the normal way you get your content in front of people, has an opportunity cost of between $25 to $100, while generally only getting you a few hundred eyeballs. On most social media platforms, on the other hand, you can get your posts in front of a few thousand people for only a few dollars.

Doesn’t it, therefore, work out better to write those paid posts and then use some of that money to push your content? In most cases, you’ll actually end up ahead financially.

Repost on Facebook and Linkedin

If you’re making videos, then make sure you repost them on Facebook because they favor their own videos over outside content. Do the same on Linkedin with your blog posts — they also favor content put up on their site over outside links.

What’s more, LinkedIn might think your content is especially good and push it on their Linkedin Pulse channel. And that can get you several thousand views (of course, you’ll then have to translate them into fans, but that’s another story).

Tag people on social media

You don’t want to overdo this one but, if done correctly, it can be incredibly effective. When you write a post that seems specifically applicable to a person or a group of people, tag them. Done correctly this can make them feel special and recognized, which will make them far more likely to like what you’re doing and share it across their own networks.

And in that way you can sometimes get access to a few hundred (or even thousand) more people that you otherwise might not have been able to access. Presto, extra exposure.

Get your really great ideas enhanced

Sometimes you’ve got a great idea, but you can’t really seem to make it work on your own. In that case, consider getting professionals involved. There are tons of writing services that can turn a good post into a great one, either by helping you with editing or by writing the whole piece for you.

Again, this might cost you a bit of money, but the advantage is that you’ll have an excellent piece of content that you can really push across your networks.

Last thoughts

When we start out blogging, we think that if we just create great content the rest will take care of itself. The problem is, there are thousands of people out there thinking the same thing and some of them are going to be just as good as you are.

The only way to make your content do better than theirs is by consistently getting it in front of a bigger audience, because the more people that see it, the more people will share it and the more social proof you get.

And as we like what other people like, that is the best way to push your way above the competition. So go on, spend some time growth hacking the heck out of your blog, because if you do it properly, you’ll be able to push your blog on a steep upward trajectory.


Pat Fredshaw is a blogger at EssaySupply. Also, she is a professional SMM manager at StudyClerk, an experienced traveler, lecturer, and singer. Pat is working hard on her first American novel.