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Roughly Half of Galaxy Note 7s Exchanged in U.S.

Approximately 50 percent of Galaxy Note 7s that are at risk of exploding have been exchanged by their U.S. owners, Samsung announced this week.

Galaxy Note7The news comes as the Korean company continues to deal with the fallout from the worldwide recall it was forced to launch after reports began circulating of the Note 7’s batteries exploding while charging.

Samsung, in a statement, said “about half of all recalled Galaxy Note 7 phones sold in the U.S. have been exchanged through Samsung’s voluntary recall.”

Samsung added the “90 percent of Galaxy Note 7 owners have been opting to receive the new Galaxy Note 7,” which became available on Wednesday, rather than receive a refund or exchange for a different Samsung model.

Despite many Note 7 owners opting to stick with the new device, the global recall has been an embarrassment for Samsung, with the company reportedly losing more than $26 billion due to the debacle.

It has been said that the problems with the Note 7 came as a result of Samsung trying to outdo Apple’s latest flagship, the iPhone 7.

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