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What It Means to Market Successfully in the Online Age

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Marketing has definitely evolved. The Internet and everyone’s immediate access to it from nearly anywhere has transformed how advertising works in the modern age. Not learning how to change your marketing to adjust with the times may mean customers are never learning of your products and services. With that in mind, below are some of the important things that should make up successful online marketing.

Mobile Optimization

Today, well over half of Internet shopping is done through the use of mobile devices like Smartphones and tablets. While more traditional PCs and laptops are still used, you need to realize that websites that load fine on a PC or laptop may lose much of their functionality on a mobile platform with a touch screen. Text may be hard to read, links may be hard to click on, and the site may be difficult to navigate in general. Make sure all your websites and online marketing materials are mobile friendly during the initial design phase.

Social Media Integration

Another standby of today’s Internet user is social media. As you should already know, popular social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are now the way many people interact directly with companies and brands. You may also want to use more specialized networks like for professional networking needs. You can find similar brands in your industry and get ideas on ways to market and sell your products. Health brands like ASEA use this website and others to connect with clients and customers and to market their products. Take their example to heart and use it yourself.
Using social media as part of your online marketing campaigns is highly advantageous for many reasons. First, you get direct communication with customers on a one-on-one basis. This means being able to get a bigger bang for your buck out of advertising because it’s more likely to reach the intended audience. Second, social media users can share your marketing materials with their friends and followers, spreading your reach even more. Third, it can provide you with instant and honest feedback on products, services and marketing materials.


Another thing you should certainly be concerned with in regards to online marketing is search engine optimization or SEO for short. Without good SEO, your websites will be very hard to find through the use of a search engine. Google and Bing are constantly tweaking their search engine algorithms. The changes to how websites are ranked should be something you pay close attention to. For example, Google now punishes websites that are not mobile optimized when people use Google on a mobile device.

Tracking the Success of Your Online Advertising

Online marketing will also benefit from online ads being placed on different websites and platforms through a service like Google AdWords. However, you shouldn’t expect to simply dump money into such an online ad service and obtain immediate results. Instead, you need to track the success of such ads and continually make adjustments. Things you should monitor include the click-through rate. This is the percentage of people that see an ad that click on it to reach your website. You should also track the conversion rate. This is the percentage of people that click on a link that then go on to purchase a product through that website.

Creating Content that Provides Value

Lastly, but certainly not least, you need to also focus on creating online marketing content that will provide some value to the customer on its own. Online marketing materials that are too salesy may be quickly disregarded as spam. Try to go beyond this and be creative. Create content that exists as text, video, images, or games that can supply information or entertainment that the customer will enjoy in addition to informing them of your products or services.

One of the great benefits of online marketing is that it tends to be far cheaper than traditional advertising choices like TV, print and radio. However, creating an effective online marketing campaign does take a lot of work. Make sure you consider all the elements mentioned above when crafting your campaign.

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  • Creating a content that add values to the topic is the most easiest way to market something in this digital age. I always try to come up with detailed analysis regarding the topic.

  • You are talking about good content, but what about shopping website?
    I am working at Turkish company which interested in hali selling but how can I have good content? We take the product from another site or from the factory site.
    What can I do about that?

  • I like the SEO portion and especially the social media integration. I feel like most businesses don’t get the importance of having a good presence on social media.

  • I agree, Marketing has definitely evolved. I rarely do print or radio anymore. Only for very specific niches.