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September 28, 2016

7 Essential Productivity Tools for Content Marketers

Content marketing is a complex activity that includes a lot of processes and tasks. Performing them could be a challenge for many because raising awareness about your brand can be an overwhelming and time-consuming activity.

Fortunately, there are a lot of great productivity tools that can help to achieve your goals faster and increase the impact of your content marketing strategies. Some of them aid in the study of trends and topics while others make your efforts more organized, producing more effective strategies.

Below are seven of the very best content marketing tools.


Even though some marketers disregard the capabilities of e-mail marketing, this strategy still makes a great impact and is a perfect way to connect with the audience. MailChimp is the tool that optimizes and speeds up the e-mail marketing process by performing a variety of functions, such as organizing mailing lists, running e-mail campaigns, tracking answers, and dealing with unsubscribe requests from receivers. It also can be integrated into the blogs so the entries could be sent automatically. Here is the MailChimp Beginner’s Guide for you to get started with the platform.


This is a multi-functional content marketing tool that can optimize your efforts by providing just about any kind of analytics and statistics regarding the social media accounts of your company or brand. You can create a single dashboard with all the stats and analyze what posts generate the most responses and conversations, thus shaping more effective strategies. Cyfe also allows integration with Google Docs, which can be used to add notes and make reports.


If you struggle with coming up with the ideas for your content, Feedly is the right tool for you. It provides the user with the place to gather and review all the content that can inspire you to generate some ideas. The app invites you to subscribe to the feeds on the topics of choice and organize them to create a truly personalized experience of the fresh content. Have a look at what’s trending and come up with your own, even better ideas for content. Take a look at this Feedly Guide from MakeUseof to get started.


This tool enhances the productivity of content managers by eliminating the need for editorial calendars and providing a single platform where you can create, plan, and schedule posts in social media. It has the function of connecting to the WordPress Dashboard, which makes it easy to integrate with your admin panel. Coschedule is great because it enables users to do a lot of things in the same place, thus optimizing the effort and enhancing the productivity.


Want to know what topics and trends will rule the social media conversations tomorrow or next week? That’s totally possible now with an awesome tool called Trendspottr. It provides you with an opportunity to monitor the emerging trends across various social media platforms, such as hot topics, top influencers, and rising hashtags. According to Matt Spenser, the head of the marketing department at custom writing company Proessaywriting, this tool gives you a competitive advantage because you will get in at the start of trends and use them to promote their posts.


Even though this app’s primary objective is notes, it can be used for various content marketing purposes as well. This Content Marketing Institute article reveals that it can be a tool for research, blog post ideas, keeping a list of ideas, drafting of blog posts, and saving status updates. That’s quite a list for a note-taking app, right? Moreover, it is compatible with all existing device platforms, including PC, Mac, iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile, which allows keeping on top of the content regardless of the location and device you have in use.


The last tool on our list may appear to be just another hashtag analytics tool but it is not exactly true. It helps the user to track the hashtags in real time, thus identifying the most popular posts that can be used for further work. Also, the platform is useful for re-tweeting, replying, commenting, liking, blocking offensive content, selecting the best posts right from a single dashboard. For premium subscription, Tagboard provides broadcast tools that can be used for live events on television.


These tools allow your content marketing routine to become much easier and more enjoyable because they bring you closer to the real interaction in social media and provide you with an insightful approach to a content marketing strategy. Remember, no professional is complete without a set of tools to help and these ones might be a good fit for your own toolkit.


Tom Jager is professional blogger. He works at Awriter. He has degree in Law and English literature. Tom has written numerous articles/online journals. You can reach him at G+ or Facebook.