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5 Avoidable Mistakes Every Mobile App Developer Must Eliminate

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Ninety-five percent of mobile apps are uninstalled or abandoned in the first month of their installation.

The reasons? There are plenty of them. In this article, we explore five common mistakes that even the top Android and iPhone mobile app developers make that can be avoided. Grab a notepad and pen and start reading.

Mistake 1: Underestimating the mobile app as a downsized website

Let’s get this much straight: A mobile app is not a toned down website. It is a separate channel with its unique set of functionalities, scope and utility. It must do exactly what a website does, but must also do it in an engaging manner that best suits a mobile app.

The forms must work well, the links be properly backed up and the app functions must not be a poor replication of the website.

Mistake 2: Design and UX are on different pages

App design and UX go hand-in-hand to create an engaging experience for the user.

The design is always built to make things easier for the user. It must get things done with minimal steps (Great UX) and should also look appealing at the same time (Great UI). Sadly, there are mobile apps that make customers do headstands to get even a basic utility done.

Mistake 3: Too many features that confuse users

The best mobile app developers ignore unnecessary bells and whistles and, instead, stick to building apps that do what they are meant to.

A multi-tasking app can have an impact on speed and may slow down and inconvenience the user. With competition from millions of other apps, it is best to keep the features list short and snappy so the app performs well.

Mistake 4: Forgetting to embed an analytics tracker

Embedding some kind of analytics tracker in your mobile app is difficult, but is not a Herculean task. Thankfully, there are plenty of premade analytics solutions available that can be easily integrated into your app. The best mobile app developers use Google’s Universal Analytics or Apple’s App analytics for getting a pulse of their app’s performance.

Mistake 5: Not beta testing the app

Apple rejects more than eight percent of iPhone apps submitted, citing ‘bugginess’ as the reason. Why does this happen? Because developers are failing to adequately test their apps. Apps must be subjected to rigorous testing under several user scenarios before your submit them for review.

With 1.3 million apps and counting number of apps available, users won’t think twice before uninstalling a buggy app. Do some beta testing to make it bug-free before the final launch.

Bringing it all together

Mobile app development is an art of its own and mistakes are bound to happen. But the key to making your app successful is to learn from the mistakes others make and to avoid them in your app. Make a note of these common mistakes to become a successful app developer.

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John Vincent

John Vincent is the lead content creator at Apphitect, a UAE-based mobile application development company that has served industries like automobile, finance, health, food and eCommerce retail with it app building expertise in iOS, Android, Windows and wearable devices.

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