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October 12, 2016

Proven SEO Strategies to Increase Your Online Traffic

When you search online for the best ways to optimize your website for search, the amount of results you get will be overwhelming. Everyone seems to have an opinion and it is up to you to choose what is more promising and what is an exaggeration. One of the best methods you can use to find the best SEO practices or strategies is to focus on what has been proven to work.

There is no easy way of growing your online customer base. You have to be persistent if you want to achieve the goals you want. This post will look at several strategies that have been used and found to increase online traffic.

Topic Relevance 

The relevance of a topic is one of the most important factors when it comes to the success of SEO. The question you should ask yourself prior to positing new content is this; will Google’s algorithm be able to classify the relevant topic area or niche of your content? If your answer is no, you will have to narrow down your topic area.

To come up with relevant content, the first thing you need to do is identify your target audience. Whom are you targeting? Second, you need to do a thorough keyword search based on what you want to talk about. Which keywords will people in your target niche use to search for your content? Third, you have to write your content with your audience’s needs in mind.

Come up with a good backlink strategy



One of the best ways of adding credibility to your content is adding quality backlinks. The more backlinks your website has, the more value your website will have. This will help you receive better ranking on search engine results.

However, before considering backlinks, you have to make sure that they come from trusted sites. If your links are from websites that have been blacklisted, they will not add much value to your site. As a matter of fact, such links may even cause your website to be banned. Therefore, whenever you are searching for backlinks or allowing people to link to you, make sure their website is relevant to yours and that they engage in the best practices.

You should also note that the number of hyperlinks you add may count against you. Low authority link sources may easily cause problems. This is because all the links that lead to and from you are part of your backlink profile. You have to make sure that you have quality links if you want your SEO strategy to be effective.

Domain and Brand Authority

Still on link building, you have to note that your strategy will be affected directly by the domain authority of the sites you link to. The higher the domain authority that a website has, the more value it will add to your website. The results are the exact opposite if the domain you link to has no authority.

Simply linking to authority sites is not the only thing you will need to boost your SEO. You have to establish a strong brand authority for yourself. You may link to the best sites but if your content is poor, your ranking will not improve as much.

Fresh and Informative Content

If you have a blog, one of the most important things you need to do is ensure you always create original and informative content. It is difficult to come up with fresh content every now and then. However, if you cannot create fresh content, it is better that you don’t post anything at all. Plagiarized content will not only affect your ranking but may also cause your website to be banned.

In addition to that, how informative your content is will determine if your visitors will come back for more. How often you post new content will also matter. If you cannot post a new blog every day, make sure you at least add a new post once a week. Remember, you can always outsource the content writing job to a third party if necessary.

Social Media Marketing 



Most regular Internet users are on at least one social networking site. What this means is that most of your customers are on social media sites. You have to go to them if you wish to increase your traffic exponentially.

To reach your customers, start by setting up accounts on at least three of the most popular social networking sites: Facebook, Twitter and Google+. You should then keep these sites active with fresh content. With every new post you add to your blog or every new product you add to your catalogue, make sure you post details about the new addition to your social networking sites. You should also encourage your followers to comment, share and like your posts. This will give you more visibility.

Submit to Article Directories

One of the best practices, and one that has probably been around the longest, is article marketing. With this option, you create quality articles and submit them to article directories like Ezine and Hubpages. You then link back to your site. Article directory sites receive massive traffic and submitting to these directories will help you redirect some of that traffic to your website thereby increasing your traffic.

Participate in Discussion forums

There are numerous discussion forums available online. If you want to increase your website’s traffic, you should consider participating in those forums. You can either create new discussions or participate in the discussions. Make sure you provide helpful information then add a link that redirects to your website.

The above are just some of the proven strategies that will surely increase your website’s traffic. However, you have to understand that the results are not instant. Search engine optimization is an ongoing process. You have to be persistent if you want to see positive results. In addition to that, it is important that you keep an eye out for new trends in SEO. The field is dynamic and it is only by learning from other people that you will be able to stay ahead of the competition.


Lalit Sharma is a SEO consultant who runs a SEO house called Ranking By SEO. He is specialized in link building and other SEO related activities. You can also find him on Twitter, Google+ and his personal blog.