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October 13, 2016

Get Response Vs Infusionsoft Vs HubSpot: Which is the Best Marketing Automation Software?

You need to automate your marketing activities to improve your ROI. Some of the most time consuming marketing activities can be streamlined using automated tools. You have the power to create multiple campaigns, schedule e-mails, keep track of them, send personalized messages to every prospect in a simplified manner. Marketing automation saves you time and money both.

Once you have made the decision to purchase an automation tool, the next hurdle comes in the form of choosing the most appropriate software for your business as per your budget and needs. Here is a comparison of the world’s top marketing automation software that will guide you to choose the perfect tool for your company.

1. GetResponse

GetResponse is a cost effective solution for startups or small business enterprises having financial constraints. The software is easy to handle and is cheaper than its competitors. With the precise set of instructions provided, it is easy to get hang of the whole process which is divided into three ready-to-use blocks as provided below:

  • Conditions: Score value, subscriptions, tag value, past purchase, abandoned the cart, URL visited are just some of the conditions with which you can define your target audience.
  • Actions: Appropriate action is taken in the form of an e-mail targeting, adding score value points, moving one customer to another campaign list, or waiting before sending out an e-mail to specified customers based on the conditions you use to define targeted traffic.
  • Filters: Filter out the unnecessary audience by targeting traffic that is more likely to convert. Two parameters provided for filtrations are Amount and Range. The interface is easy to adapt to as you can see in the screenshot below.



Advantages of using GetResponse:

  • With responsive e-mail designs, you are sure to impress your audience irrespective of which device they use.
  • Build a landing page that converts within 10 minutes. GetResponse offers 100 ready-to-use landing page templates.
  • Test out the productivity of e-mail parameters such as subject line, best time and day to send out e-mails and other important features such as CTA with A/B tests.
  • Keep your audience engaged with Webinars for which you can easily send out URL invitations. You can either go for password protection or conduct an open to everyone webinar.

2. Infusionsoft

The automation platform provided by Infusionsoft helps business enterprise manage tasks in a single place. The small business CRM offered by Infusionsoft helps with:

  • Contact Management: You can store every bit of contact information of your customers along with order, account balance and website history.
  • Data Management: Infusionsoft lets you store a large amount of data with ease. It is even possible to upload contact details on-the-go from your mobile phones.
  • Segmentation: You can sort your audience based on the various segmentation attributes such as demographics, purchases, e-mail clicks or lead store. It is easy to manage the contacts and take necessary action to improve ROI.

There is a sorted interface to store and manage contact information in one place. It helps you streamline your marketing strategy because all the contacts can be accessed from a single place. This tool lets business enterprises drive higher engagements with a minimum of issues. You can work upon building new relations with your targeted audience and keep them engaged with automated e-mails in case of cart abandonment.

Some of the major features of Infusionsoft are highlighted below:

  • With a simple drag and drop feature, you can easily create campaigns with Campaign builder, the interface shown below:


  • With complete CRM integration, it is possible to access contact information of your audiences to send out personalized e-mails.
  • You can use a landing page to your benefit by acquiring necessary contact information, for example: e-mail address and name. It can be used later on to send out marketing material to drive conversions.
  • With statistics and report on the campaign, e-mail landing page conversions etc. you can keep track of what is working and what can be done without.

All in all, it combines the functionality of CRM and e-mail marketing into one single package.

3. HubSpot

HubSpot provides the assistance required to master the inbound marketing strategy. You can construct an entire website inside HubSpot along with a social media engagement engine. This platform is feasible for business enterprises that have a healthy marketing budget.

With HubSpot, you can set goals and craft a marketing campaign around these goals. An interactive dashboard (as shown below in the screenshot) lets you see the monthly interaction history with your prospect:


Some of the main features of Hubspot are:

A) Improves website traffic: It lets you optimize content with keyword suggestions along with the power of a responsive website design. Users can even create a personalized webpage with the available smart content. It also gives insights into any Twitter mentions that may be important to your business as shown below in the screenshot:


B) Monitor the visitor and send personalized e-mails: The journey of an online visitor is monitored vis-à-vis various touch points to get pertinent details. It lets you drive conversions with personalized e-mails or website content.

C) Monitor Marketing Statistics: You can check out the sources that are driving leads and conversions. It lets you monitor the increase or fall in contacts with time. You can send automated e-mail copies to be shared with other professionals and employ campaign wizard to know the important assets for campaign success.

Advantages of HubSpot:

  • Offers several marketing tools which can be easily integrated into your own website.
  • With the Data Analytics provided, you can easily power your marketing campaigns with generated data reports.
  • You do not need to opt for separate services for e-mail marketing.
  • You can make direct calls through the CRM based on contact records.

Here is a tabular comparison highlighting the features available with respective automation tools:

Company HubSpot GetResponse Infusionsoft
Mobile App Available for iPhone and Android Only for Android Available for iPhone and Android
Responsive Email Design Available Available Not Available
CRM Integration Available Not Available Not Available
Web Based Available Available Available
A/B Testing Available Available Not Available
Activity Monitoring No No Available
Social Media Integration Available Available No
Customers Small to mid-sized Business and Enterprise. Freelancers, Small to mid-sized business and enterprise Small Business
Customer Support Phone and online support, Video tutorials, Knowledge Base Phone and online support, Video tutorials, Knowledge Base Phone and online support, Video tutorials, Knowledge Base

Every automation software has its own advantages. It boils down to what your objectives are and what kind of money you are ready to invest. As highlighted in the table above, if you are looking for a complete automation package under a small budget then GetResponse will be the preferred choice. If you are looking for a more customized high-end solution, go for HubSpot or InfusionSoft.

Are you currently using any marketing automation software? Please let us know in the comments below.


Joydeep Bhattacharya is an internet marketer and owner of the SEO blog, SEO Sandwitch. He has been associated with SEO, SMO, PPC, ORM and other activities related to online marketing for the past 5 years.