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Galaxy Note 7 Users Launch Lawsuit Against Samsung

A group of Galaxy Note 7 owners are suing Samsung.

But it’s not for what you might expect.

The lawsuit is not about injuries or property damage caused by the exploding Smartphones. Rather, the complainants are asking Samsung to compensate users for money they shelled out to cellular operators “for phones they could not safely use,” according to a report from Computerworld.

The complaint, which was filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of New Jersey, said consumers had to wait several days, and even weeks for replacement phones.

“It was not until Sept. 21 that Samsung announced that it would begin the Note7 exchanges nationwide. And even on that date, only an estimated 500,000 replacement devices had arrived in the United States,” the complaint filed by John Waudby, Robert Spuntak and Mohamad Ibrahim reads. In fact, as of Sept. 27, about 40 percent of the defective phones had yet to be replaced.

When the phone was replaced, because the new versions were defective too, consumers were left without a Smartphone to use for at least three weeks. Despite being unable to use the devices, purchasers continued to be hit with the usual monthly plan charges.

The complainants hope to start a nationwide class action lawsuit for all U.S. customers. The suit seeks unspecified damages as well as an admission from Samsung that it made “material misstatements and omissions” about the Note 7s.

The suit goes on to say that class members “were fraudulently induced to continue incurring and paying monthly charges and fees for their Note7s, which they could neither use nor replace.” Samsung has yet to respond to the lawsuit.

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