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Galaxy Note Brand Will Not Be Shelved

Samsung obviously has no intention of giving up on its Galaxy Note brand.

galaxy-note-7The company, according to Reuters, is offering South Korean Note 7 owners the option of upgrading to a Note 8 at 50 percent off the regular price when the devices become available at some point next year.

The move comes as Samsung scrambles to retain customers after the disastrous Note 7 launch. The company announced its decision to permanently end production of the Galaxy Note 7 earlier this month after several of the supposedly safe replacement Note 7s caught fire.

The problem began when Samsung launched the Galaxy Note 7 back in September. Not long after launch, reports began flowing in of batteries exploding and devices catching fire. The company was forced to launch a worldwide recall of the device and offer replacements — but those replacements came with the same issue.

It is not known exactly how much money Samsung has lost over the battery debacle, but a Reuters report indicated it could be as much as $17 billion. The company’s market value has also suffered and polls have indicated consumers were losing interest in the Galaxy brand.

Samsung’s most recent announcement, however, indicates the company is not throwing in the towel on the entire Galaxy brand; its reduction offer on future Note 8 phones is proof of that.

Samsung was vague about if it will extend the same half price offer to Galaxy Note 7 owners in countries beyond South Korea saying it would depend on the “situation” in each country.

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  • Well, if they keep digging the massive hole they’ve already dug for themselves, they’ll eventually come out at the other end (i.e., the other side of the world) – thing is though, will they survive the heat of the Earth’s core?