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The Best Apps to Encrypt Your Files Before Uploading to the Cloud

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Whatever it is that you decide to upload to the cloud, it is not unreasonable to expect that certain security protocols are being employed to keep your data safe and secure, but it seems that the level of our expectations are not always matched by the level of security being offered.

Most cloud storage providers do offer a degree of encryption as standard, but a resource that shows you how to encrypt your files before you entrust the data with a third-party, doesn’t seem like a bad move, when you consider what is potentially at stake.

If you want to learn more about some of the apps available to help you encrypt your files, such as Encrypto, Boxcryptor and Sookasa, plus others, it should be worth reading the guide.


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  • It’s all relative. If you’ve got something worthwhile to encrypt, you’ll pay the money needed TO encrypt it properly.

    Just think of the reverse, if your data/files got out into the public domain, how much would you then be prepared to pay to keep things private?