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Mentions, Links, Boomerangs Come to Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories may have been inspired by Snapchat, but the latest update is taking the app in a new direction.

tumblr_inline_ogdu0k36yw1svf3j7_540Three new features have been added to Stories: mentions, links and boomerangs, to make your story more fun and interesting.

“Boomerang lets you turn everyday moments into something fun and unexpected,” Instagram said in a blog post. “Now you can easily take a Boomerang right inside Instagram.”

To use the new feature, simply swipe right from your feed to open the stories camera. Select ‘Boomerang’ mode from the format options under the record button. By tapping record, the camera will stitch together a collection of images into a mini video that plays both forward and backward.

Mentions enables you to “share who you’re with or who you’re thinking of by mentioning them in your story.”

To use mentions, type “@” followed by a username and choose the person you’d like to mention. The username will then appear underlined in your story. When the mention is tapped within your story, a pop-up appears that leads to the person’s profile. If you are mentioned in someone’s story, a notification in Direct will be sent to you. You can see it by tapping the preview. If someone you don’t follow mentions you, a notification will appear in your message requests.

The update will also allow those with verified accounts to add links to the stories. You will know there is a link to more information in a story if you spot the ‘See More’ links at the bottom.

Instagram Stories is meant to capture your daily photos and videos in a slideshow format. The images are not published to your profile; instead, they disappear after 24 hours has elapsed.

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