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November 22, 2016

Best Books for Aspiring Social Entrepreneurs

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Today’s aspiring social entrepreneur may be tomorrow’s next Steve Jobs or the world’s newest greatest marketer. However, we are not natural-born learners or leaders. We learn as we get through life. Some of us may have abilities that others don’t. But, for the majority, experience and skill needs to be honed, shaped and ultimately tried and tested. Many entrepreneurs today fail to make an impact, in spite of having brilliant ideas. Their concepts are limited, and some don’t have the courage to take a risk in the name of fame. If your dream or goal in life is to thrive and make yourself heard as an entrepreneur, you should read the following books before anything else.


Start Something That Matters, by Blake Mycoskie

Blake Mycoskie is the founder or TOMS, a famous retail company, and the leader of a trend called the ‘one for one movement.’ The author advises all entrepreneur to never enter a business or market driven solely by customers or other ventures.

‘Start Something That Matters’ is a book about Mycoskie’s personal life and also about his thoughts on transforming an idea into a multi-million dollar business. He emphasizes that there are ways to make money while doing social good, and that one shouldn’t be greedy to attain financial freedom.

Get Big Fast And Do More Good, by Lance Kalish and Ido Leffler

The authors behind ‘Get Big Fast and Do More Good’ are in fact two savvy entrepreneurs who managed to take a beauty brands known as Yes to Carrots, and make it a multi-national and international franchise. They did it in less than five years, and right now their business has gone mainstream. Lance and Ido launched a Yes to Seed Fund that had a sole mission: to plant micro farms in African schools which helps supplements the meals of the students with veggies and fruits. The book emphasizes the idea that there are ways to grow a company and do some good along the way. If the people perceive you as being ethical, they’ll want to know what else you can offer to them.


Screw Business As Usual, by Richard Branson

Richard Branson is a well-known entrepreneur that made a fortune from his belief and deeply-rooted principles. He’s the founder of the acclaimed Virgin Group, and many new business aficionados are familiar with his work. Admired and esteemed by thousands, in ‘Screw Business As Usual,’ Branson focuses on offering advice to people eager to change the world with their ideas. He talks about his own life experiences in the book, and it offers crystal-clear advice on how to make the world better while growing your company.

Meeting Of The Minds, by Danielle Carruthers & Solene Pignet

We can’t change the world all by ourselves, and the authors of ‘Meeting Of The Minds’ state this fact really clearly in their book. Rather than compete, it’s a lot better to collaborate. Of course, that’s not always the easiest thing to do. The book provides a more practical approach on how to collaborate with people to become more efficient, and transform original ideas into profitable business goals. There’s lots of practical advice, bonus tools and case studies inside the book you should carefully assess. They will help you gain negotiation skills, and they will teach you that in business you need guts and instinct to make things work too, not just a ton of cash.


Delivering Happiness, by Tony Hseih

Last but not least we have Tony Hseih’s ‘Delivering Happiness,’ a book that shows entrepreneurs a whole new vision about today’s corporate culture. The author is also the CEO of Zappos, and it emphasizes on the fact that everyone can attain greatness and achieve remarkable business results. The key is to build a business by hiring people that value happiness. Paying employees $2,000 in cash to quit their job might seem crazy, but the book teaches a lot more than giving free money. Lots of useful lessons can be learned by reading the book; lessons about both personal life and business.

Books can completely change the way you see entrepreneurship. The right books might actually convince you to change your business mantra completely, take a risk, and think more about others than about yourself in order to attain success.


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