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November 25, 2016

21 Powerful Tips that Will Land You the Job

Those who have recently applied for a job have certainly noticed the tough competition ruling the job marketplace. When there are tens or hundreds of applicants, recruiters and employers can be pickier when hiring new employees. But, for the applicants it can be a vicious circle when every single application gets followed by a rejection. And, as we all know, rejection hurts.

You may be doing all the right things and still be rejected. You might be asking yourself what you are doing wrong. The answer is simple. There is probably nothing wrong with you. The point is that from the perspective of the hiring person, you just look exactly the same as all the other applicants.

There are just so many people who all do the same old thing. That’s why creating a CV in the traditional, outdated format and sending it to as many employers as possible won’t lead to anything but rejection.

You need to capture their attention. You need to get noticed. You have to realize this is a COMPETITION, not a homework assignment. It is not about passing. You have to be the best. And for that, no matter what, you need to stand out from the crowd.

Check these 21 tips to help you land the job.

1. Your resume is your ticket to the interview

You have about six seconds to grab the recruiter’s attention. Many recruiters nowadays appreciate resumes no longer than one page. It shows the ability of the applicant to pick and highlight his or her skills and experience in a concise manner. Resumes should not be a showcase of everything you have ever done. Instead, always ask yourself: “Will this sentence help me to get the job?” If the answer is no, consider editing or removing the sentence.

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Jana Stehlikova is a communications and content marketing professional based in the lovely city of Copenhagen, Denmark. She works for, a B2B marketplace for businesses and institutions in Europe. Besides her passion for writing about business, technology, and coffee related topics, she loves travelling and playing volleyball.