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Yahoo Debuts New App for Yahoo Answers

Yahoo has quietly launched a new app for Yahoo Answers Now, a Q&A site on the Web with more than 3.1 million U.S. monthly visitors.

screen696x696-1The tech firm originally tested the question and answer service under the name Yahoo Hive, but, decided to do a little rebranding and renamed the service last month. The new app, launched this week, is, so far, invite only.

“Yahoo Answers Now is a new app that provides unique answers for those unsearchable questions that you can’t find on the Web,” reads the iTune description. “At this time, you will need an invite code in order to sign in. Request an invite code by sending an e-mail to”

The newly named and upgraded app enables you to search for questions and answers, search the Internet for links to include in your answers, edit your questions and answers by tapping on the triple-dot menu and edit your username and profile by tapping on the pencil icon in the ‘Me’ tab. You can also tap on hyperlinks within answers to open them.

The new app is part of Yahoo’s focus on debuting and upgrading native apps linked to its online services such as Yahoo News, Yahoo Weather, Yahoo Search, Yahoo Messenger, Yahoo Sports and Yahoo Finance, to name a few.

Yahoo Answers Nows is available only on iOS, thus far.

(Via Tech Crunch)

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