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December 7, 2016

5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in SEO

SEO Targeting
Photo Credit: Augur Marketing via flickr

First things first: do you know what SEO is? It’s easy to pronounce the acronym and affirm we know what we are talking about, but many website owners tend to forget what it entails.

SEO is a tool that makes Google like you. In all seriousness, SEO stands for ‘search engine optimization,’ which allows a website owner to get more traffic. With millions of websites, it’s really hard to get people to click and even see your site. If you currently own a blog, you should be nodding in agreement with this.

To improve your position in a Web search engine (specifically in Google) with SEO, you must apply certain changes and “requirements.” Some of these changes can include applying titles (h1, h2, h3), inputting important keywords, setting a text with 300 words or more and, of course, setting original content.

Making changes for a better website does not necessarily mean investing a lot of money but, rather, applying free and positive changes in content and structure. And this will not only better position your site in a search engine, it can also make it more appealing to users. What’s the use of having non-constant visits?

And face it, no matter what people say, this tool keeps working and will continue working for quite some time, so why not start now? Let’s take a look at five reasons why you should invest in SEO.

1. It won’t disappear, at least not soon.

SEO won’t stop being effective just because search engines algorithms are changing. In fact, this tool keeps improving over time. It has been said that this technique won’t settle with text, but that it will be reaching multimedia items such as video and audio. Oh, and if you see this as a bit unlikely, remember that images that we include in our blogs are already depending on it.

2. Internet is in everyone’s daily life

This would seem like the most obvious reason to invest in SEO, but apparently it needs to be highlighted once more. Whether you have a business or a personal blog, if you want engaged visitors, you need to improve your SEO strategy. Also, when you add something to your site or blog, remember how effective social media can be for promoting it.

3. Its cost is very low, compared to other strategies

As said in prior paragraphs, SEO doesn’t need to be a millionaire investment. When you compare this to other types of digital publicity and advertising, SEO is quite cheap. If you want to have an idea of how cheap it is, it’s actually less expensive than social media marketing. It won’t necessarily make you earn millions of dollars, but it will sure endure a strong presence in the web. Which is always important, especially in this internet-addict-world. That leads us to our next reason.

4. The usage of mobiles is insane

Years ago we only had to worry about computers, but now the Internet is everywhere and users are online for at least 25 percent of their day. As a result, every marketing strategy has suffered drastic changes. With the usage of the Internet or data in mobiles, search engines insert more local results. SEO will help your business to sustain a strong online presence, even among local websites. In fact, investing in a good SEO strategy will help you get a better place on the page when it comes to regional searches.

5. Everyone is doing it

Beyond thinking of how cheap it could be, you need to keep in mind that everyone is doing it: even you competitors. Not investing in SEO means not getting noticed on the Web. Dramatic statement? Not at all. People check the Internet for everything and when it comes to purchases or the possible acquisition of services, users are even more careful. Reading or listening to reviews, followed by the process of shopping, has become a completely normal habit.

Don’t get me wrong: there are many other reasons why you should invest in SEO. But these are the main five a business owner should consider. Before you go ahead and “adjust” your content to make it suitable for Google’s liking, remember the following advice:

Tips to keep your website fresh

• Always remember that lacking good content is lethal, no matter how well positioned your website is.

• You don’t need to change your ideas, nor principles to be successful in this matter. Slight alterations will do.

• Staying true to one’s self or to the policies of a company is often the main reason for success.

• Don’t hesitate. But if you can’t afford it, you can always learn it by yourself. Many SEO gurus started by just experimenting with it.

• Start with the simple things, such as setting keywords, longer text and shorter paragraphs.

• Search for online SEO tools. There are a good number of websites, dedicated to helping you understand what’s being searched, what’s original and what’s not, etc.


Being a passionate traveler and writer, discovering online tools has helped Angelina van Kemenade to combine her two favorite activities. A little extra effort makes the best entrepreneurs.