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Marketing the Leading U.S. Freelance Industry in 2016

Freelancing continues to be a growing trend in the United States as more and more people opt to be in charge of their own work schedules.

New data from LinkedIn has revealed that freelancers now makeup nearly 35 percent of the U.S. workforce. A survey of more than 9,500 of LinkedIn’s ProFinder professionals found that 19 percent of freelancers are in the marketing industry followed by business consulting at 16 percent and design at 11 percent. Coaching made up nine percent while editing and writing sat at seven percent.

Younger freelancers gravitate toward writing, photography and home improvement while more experienced freelancers were apt to be coaches, business consultants, real estate professionals and marketers.

The data also revealed that states with large cities had high numbers of freelancers.

“According to our data, 40 percent of freelance professionals are concentrated in four states with major urban populations: California, Texas, Florida and New York,” LinkedIn said in a blog post.

California has the highest rate at 19 percent while the other three states tied with seven percent each.

Surprisingly, freelancing is more prevalent with males, at 61 percent, compared to females: 39 percent. In fact, the average freelancer is currently an older male. That is a little surprising because often professional women will opt to freelance rather than go back to their previous place of employment while they have young children. Still, according to LinkedIn data, “the more senior a professional is in their career, the more likely they are to take on freelance work or transition into freelancing as an alternative to retirement.”

LinkedIn said 56 percent of those surveyed earned 100 percent of their incomes from freelancing.

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