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December 30, 2016

Pinterest Predicts Trends of 2017

If you’re a marketer or business person wondering what customers will want in 2017, look no further than Pinterest.

The social media site has released a comprehensive report on what the coming year’s trends will be based on what its users pinned this year between January and November. The third annual Pinterest 100 report, put together by Pinterest’s insight team, breaks down its predicted trends into 10 key categories based on the topics and interests that enjoyed a year-over-year increase in interest on Pinterest.

The top 10 categories are wellness, beauty, women’s style, men’s style, home, personal interests, travel, life events, food and kids.

“There is no one-size-fits-all approach to wellness,” Pinterest said in its report.“With over 2 billion ideas, everything mind, body and soul is covered on Pinterest. Interest is the highest from January to April.”

Food, of course, is the largest category on Pinterest, with more than 13 billion ideas.The top trend was meat alternative jackfruit with a 420 percent increase in popularity in 2016 and Buddha bowls with a 200 percent increase.

“People are pulling out their smartphones to plan meals and make healthier food choices in the moment,” Pinterst said.“Once they decide what to eat, they want to know how to make it, and how to make it fast.”

The biggest trends in wellness are ab exercises, which saw a 2,000 percent popularity increase, and all-natural drinks that can be made at home which enjoyed a 407 percent spike.

Beauty was led by pins of chrome nails and ‘RIP coffin’ nails with a 570 percent increase in interest followed by charcoal facial treatments at 333 percent. In women’s style, pins, patches and stickers are where it’s at with a 800 percent rise in interest followed by political T-shirts at 360 percent while men’s style was all about health goth (the love of black athletic clothing) at 214 percent.

The biggest home trend on Pinterest this year was nightstands with a 721 percent interest rate increase and marble wallpaper at 303 percent.

“With over 8 billion ideas, home is the third largest category on Pinterest,” the report reads. “Designing a home is a work in progress and very personal. Just like in fashion, there are always new trends to try and people look for everything from a complete room renovation to the latest ‘it’ color.”

In the personal interest category, the use of crystals for healing generated the most interest at a 2,000 percent increase followed by celebrity airport style at 1,600 percent. For travel, cultural events and travelling on a budget were the biggest trends at 1,450 and percent 500 percent respectively. Wedding DJs took the top spot in the life events category at 1,491 percent followed by Flamingo parties at 153 percent.

In the kids section, there was a 305 percent interest in learning Spanish and a 121 percent increase in story starters.

Pinterest acts as a guide to the products and services customers want, making it a valuable asset for business owners. You can check out the report in full, here.


Jennifer Cowan is the Managing Editor for SiteProNews.