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January 16, 2017

5 Top Platforms to Create a Logo

A logo is a defining symbol of any business that helps you reach out to your target audience. However, new entrepreneurs often fail to realize the importance of a good logo. Early branding is imperative to success. It’s the easiest way for a company or website to showcase its products or services. With a smart logo, you can set your brand apart from the rest and visualize your business.

Where to begin? First and foremost, a high-quality logo must be minimalist and memorable.

This article outlines five online logo generators to help you reveal your brand identity.


Use this professional logo generator to design multiple elements of your corporate style, including envelopes, business cards, and favicons.

With Logaster, creating a logo is a piece of cake. Click on the button ‘Create a logo.’ Submit the name of your company, website or blog and select your industry. Logaster will generate a wide selection of logos for you to choose from. If you’re happy with a small-sized icon, you can download it absolutely for free. A full-sized logo is available at $9.99. Furthermore, you can come back to the website and edit your logo any time you want.


  1. Huge database of ready-to-use templates.
  2. Free small-sized logo.
  3. You can edit your logo even after payment.
  4. User-friendly interface.
  5. You can craft a unique corporate style.


  1. Big-sized logo is fee-based.
  2. You can’t edit templates from the database.


This is another website that enables you to design your logo in a couple of minutes. Start with entering your company (or website) name and selecting the logo theme. Browse through multiple pages of turnkey logos to pick the best one. Moreover, you can preview your logo against different backgrounds. You need to make a payment to download a full-sized logo. A logo in JPG format is available at $19.99. To be able to edit your logo аn unlimited number of times, you need to pay $39.99.


  1. Big selection of turnkey logos.
  2. Editing is available even after payment.
  3. High-quality images.


  1. No free logos.


This logo generator works just like the two above. On the main page, you need to fill out two fields – your company name and industry. Then you can choose from an impressive range of your industry specific logos. Pick the one you like the best and edit it, if needed. FreeLogoDesign features wide editing options that allow to change your original logo beyond recognition. To get a free logo, you only need to submit your name (no registration needed). A full-size logo costs $59.


  1. Free small-sized logo.
  2. Wide collection of templates.
  3. Diverse editing possibilities.


  1. Costly ($59) full-sized logo.


This is a pretty unusual logo generating service but is an ideal choice for creative people. What makes this website different is that you need to draw your logo yourself. Using your design, the generator will provide you with several logo variations. You can edit your selected icon, changing the layout, color, and font. Done. The logo will be yours for $49.


  1. Interesting logo-making process.


  1. No free logo.
  2. Poor choice of templates.

Zillion Designs

Last but not least, this logo generator offers more than 20 various services, including Web design, blog template design, etc. You need to submit your logo budget (from $199) and your basic requirements. Then you can discuss your project with the designers who’ve agreed to make a logo for you. Editing is available during the entire creative process. Designers have seven days to do the job and provide you with several logo options. You pick the icon you like the most.


  1. Your logo is created by professional designers.
  2. You can discuss your logo with designers and make adjustments.


  1. No free logo.
  2. Time-consuming.
  3. High price (from $199) and extra pay for other corporate style elements.


To put it simply, a logo is an image that distinguishes your company, website, or blog in the eyes of your potential clients or readers. You need to put much time and effort into creating your logo unless you want to drive away your target audience. Choosing the appropriate way to create a logo is up to you. With online logo generators, you can get a high-quality logo designed at a reasonable price and in the shortest time. We hope this article helps you make an iconic logo to establish a great reputation within your industry. Good luck.


Liliia Trokhymchuk is a marketer at, an online service for creating logos and brand identity elements. Сurrently specializing in content marketing, blogging and branding, she is passionate about portrait photography." Liliia is on LinkedIn.