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Top SEO Audit Tools For Better Website Analysis

SEO is commonly known as a way of improving a website’s visibility on different organic search engines by incorporating a variety of SEO tactics. SEO is not as easy as it seems; it requires a lot of research and a myriad of tactics to be implemented. A SEO campaign can only become successful if it is followed by basic search engine strategies and SEO (search engine optimization) tools.

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Nowadays, SEO is vital for the betterment of a website. Online marketing professionals implement many SEO techniques and use audit tools to optimize websites to attract more traffic. Professionals use many SEO strategies, but on-page SEO optimization tactics work the best.

This can be done with the incorporation of useful search engine and social media channels strategies. This does not mean that off-page optimization is not helpful, but if you execute on-page optimization strategies, you will receive a fast and accurate analysis of your website’s performance.

There are a variety of audit tools available via the Web that enable you to perform a better analysis of broken links, keywords, page speed and content quality. Below, is a list of the best tools:

Technical Analysis

Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster is a free online tool, that offers insight into how Google optimizes a website. It checks the indexing status and enables one to optimize the visibility of a website. This is an amazing tool that provides information on how Google visualizes each website.

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BetterGraph Website Analyzer

This is one of the most beneficial tools for troubleshooting critical issues such as little traffic to the website. It is also effective for checking SEO-related issues while optimizing the website’s ranking, speed and meta tags.

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Screaming Frog

This is also known as the SEO spider tool which is used to crawl a website’s links, CSS, images and scripts. To be more specific, it is an impressive desktop program that can easily be installed on local PCs, Macs or machines running Linux. It offers a detailed analysis of websites in an instant. It is also a complete website auditing tool that provides intuitive information to SEO optimizers to make them aware of website flaws.



Woorank Website Analysis

Woorank is the best and one of the most exceptional SEO auditing tools because it is user-friendly. This tool is known for providing personalized information, presentation styles and interactive reviews regarding the tests and the audits performed for the websites.

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Keyword Analysis

Google Keyword Planner

Google keyword planner is helpful in checking the traffic generated for a particular keyword over a website or in a blog post. It is in demand among SEO service providers because it helps them find a variety of relevant keywords matched with their client’s business. Further, the tool also assists in determining the performance of an individual keyword.

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Small SEO Tools Keyword Density Checker

This tool is the best for checking keyword density of all content placed on a webpage. By utilizing this tool, users can have a perfect site review without stuffing keywords.

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It is a digital marketing tool specifically used to track the performance of a user’s keywords as well as those of competitors. This tool is exceptional because it also provides a brief report of the keywords that obtain less attention or have less competition on the Web.

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Broken Links Analysis

Broken Link Check

With the help of this tool, users can optimize and check a wide variety of webpages and their reference links. This tool enables users to quickly check for broken links on a website.

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Dead Link Checker

Dead Link Checker is a flexible and highly reliable tool that finds dead or broken links. This tool finds and fixes all the problems related to the links placement. Users don’t need to crawl the website code manually because it provides a high-tech methodology to search the broken links automatically.

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Copied Content Analysis


This is one of the best and the most important SEO audit tools that aids in checking not only the duplicate content on a website, but also optimizes the page power, broken links and final reports. It has proven very useful as a plagiarism checker, easily finding duplicate content with reference links.




Anyone can rely on Copyscape for checking the plagiarism of their websites and webpages. This tool also helps by protecting the websites from content fraud and theft. SEO optimizers can use this free online plagiarism checking tool to increase website visibility.




Duplichecker is also a plagiarism detector tool available for free on the Web. It can be used to check content before it is posted to determine if it is unique. It can also be used to check and correct grammatical errors.



Page Speed Analysis

Google Page Speed Insights

This is the most important tool used for providing authenticated SEO services for websites. By utilizing this as a SEO audit tool, users can quickly analyze the page speed of any website. Also, it aids in fast accessing and loading a website or a webpage.

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GT metrix

Now, anyone can make their website faster with the help of this extremely popular page speed and performance analysis tool. Along with rectifying the flaws in webpages, it also provides relevant recommendations on how to correct the flaws it highlighted.



Seochat Page Speed Tool

Acclaimed as a better page speed tool, it provides complete analysis of page loading time. It displays a brief report on how long a page takes to load on the search engines at different connection speeds. Moreover, it is also very useful to find out the fast and the least loading components of the webpages, which is very beneficial while optimizing a website.

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You can find many more options via the Web as those described above, but those listed above have been tested and used by many SEO and marketing experts to successfully implement SEO tactics. Use these tools to become a king or queen of search engine optimization.

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Tom Hardy has hands-on experience as a digital marketing consultant. He currently works at Sparx IT Solutions: GDPR Compliance Services Provider and offers exceptional website auditing services to prepare a business for GDPR readiness. Also, he writes informative blogs to let users know how important it is to comply with GDPR for websites to get better data security.


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  • I find the that one of my go to tools these days is called Web Text Analyzer. I can put two URL’s in, my keyword phrase and it shows me a complete breakdown of all the text on a page.

    This is invaluable for understanding why a page does not rank for keywords and comapring two sites side by side.

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  • These all tools are very useful to analyse website but I think you should add ahrefs tool too in this list because as an SEO Expert I mostly use this tool too.

  • Yes, great tools. I’ve used all of them.
    Can also suggest you try our on page checker:
    It’s easy and speed to understand all SEO errors on the page.

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