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Echo a Hit With Generation X and Baby Boomers

The Amazon Echo, powered by Alexa.

Smart speakers are a growing trend — one that Amazon is capitalizing on.

Amazon’s voice-activated digital assistant, Echo, was originally more popular with men but, according to the latest data from Slice Intelligence, the demographics of Echo device owners are “evolving.”  More and more women have been purchasing Amazon’s smart speaker for their households in recent months. In December, 50 percent of Echo revenue came from women, compared to only 23 percent at launch.

Echo DotInterestingly, online sales of smart speakers are not courtesy of Millennials. Although it is often this demographic leading the pack when it comes to new technology, in this case, it is the Gen Xers. More than one-third of Echo revenue has come from members of Generation X in the past two years, Slice Intelligence reports, while Baby Boomers are responsible for nearly as many — 31 percent — of all Echo purchases since January 2015.

“It is clear that the Amazon Echo has broken into the mainstream,” says Slice Intelligence principal analyst Ken Cassar.  “The mass adoption of Alexa’s important technologies – the voice user interface – may lead to the decline of the keyboard. More importantly, the Echo is likely the first manifestation of the Internet of Things in many homes, and given its ease of use and low price point, it could establish itself as the hub of the smart home.”

The Dot, Amazon’s entry-level Echo device, was the most popular model during the holiday-buying season, accounting for 57 percent of all Alexa-powered devices. The original Echo device accounted for 38 percent.

The tall, cylinder-shaped Echo is an Internet-connected device that can play a user’s favorite songs, give the weather forecast, update a shopping list and check the user’s calendar. Available for $180, Echo responds to commands and questions via ‘Alexa’, the brain that powers the device. For instance, a user could ask, “Alexa, who created the Internet?” or “Alexa, how many ounces are in one pound?”

Echo Dot is similar but smaller version of the Amazon Echo. The only difference is, the Dot does not contain a powerful speaker, making the device much smaller and cheaper. Amazon slashed it to $50 last September, which may also account for its popularity.

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