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January 31, 2017

New Gadget Lets You Control Netflix With Your Mind

It’s all about mind control.

Netflix has produced a headset, dubbed MindFlix, that enables you to control what you are watching with your mind.

The prototype, presented by four Netflix engineers at the firm’s annual Hack Day earlier this month, gives you the ability to browse the app without a remote control. By donning the headset you can scroll through titles simply by moving your head slightly. When you find a show you want to watch, you simply think ‘play.’

The gadget is outfitted with motion sensors and has the ability to monitor brain activity. A video released by Netflix shows “the laziest man in the world” moving his head up to scroll up and to the left to scroll left through the available titles. When he finds a show of interest, he simply concentrates on it playing — and it does.

Netflix did not reveal any technical details about how the device works, but you can check out the video the company released below.

There is no word on when or even if MindFlix would be available for purchase.


Jennifer Cowan is the Managing Editor for SiteProNews.