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Veteran Leadership Coach Reveals Resources New Leaders Need

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With the rise of the fast-track executive comes a side effect: bold leaders who often haven’t been exposed to the basics of managing, and are forced to make it up as they go along.

That’s what Willy Steiner, a 20-plus year leadership coach for executives and managers, has noticed in his work with major companies like Caterpillar and General Electric, and why he released a new book today titled Discovering the Joy of Leading: A Practical Guide to Resolving Your Management Challenges. The book offers an anthology of models from a wide variety of leadership experts, as well as personal and client experiences, which Steiner uses to illustrate how to solve your own problems quicker, better, and faster.

Early in his book, Steiner quotes a fictional conversation between two executives that could very well be real. “What happens if we spend training funds developing our people and then they leave us?” says a CFO to the CEO. “What happens if we don’t and they stay?” the CEO replies.

According to Steiner, leadership development is just too important to leave out of the yearly or quarterly plans. It’s possible—and crucial—to address personnel issues immediately. But the day-to-day work of managing, if not executed well, can crowd out the time and focus needed to be an effective leader.

If used correctly, these daily tools—like making the most of your time and building the relationships that matter most, for example—can be just what busy managers need to empower their employees for growth.

Steiner’s expertise will help leaders to step back and do just that, while examining multiple areas of their leadership. The book is a perfect starting point for busy leaders, since it offers a buffet of methods from other leadership experts—it’s like having dozens of leadership books in one handy resource. When a reader discovers a need for professional growth, he or she can take advantage of Steiner’s wide network and recommendations for further study in that area.

Steiner is no stranger to the business of managing. He spent time at major companies such as RCA, General Electric, and Galileo International before starting his own firm, Executive Coaching Concepts. At ECC, he has spent the last 19 years helping executives hone their leadership skills.

Advanced praise for Discovering the Joy of Leading has been abundant.

  • Robert W. Baird & Company, Inc., Chairman Paul Purcell wrote: “This book is a wonderful reflection on the breadth of Willy’s insightful counsel that he has provided to me and many of my leadership team over the years. I trust you will benefit as we have.” 
  • Time Warner Cable Vice President Todd Dolan wrote: “Willy showed me, and many on my team over the years, a path to becoming a much more effective manager. As my roles and responsibilities grew over the years, this foundation helped me in becoming a good leader as well. I am sure that Discover the Joy of Leading can assist you in your personal leadership journey.”
  • Publishing Executive Rita Schaefer wrote: “This book is the ‘how to’ handbook on leadership. Anyone who considers themselves a leader at any level should have this book in their library… and use it.”

Discover the Joy of Leading, out today from ECC Publishing, includes five main sections on basic leadership concepts like managing time and handling change. For more information, visit

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Willy Steiner is the President of Executive Coaching Concepts, an executive coaching services firm dedicated to assisting senior executives in taking their individual and organizational performance to the next level. He fine-tuned his skills in leading organizational change, building high performing teams and in devising innovative incentive systems with General Electric, RCA Corp., and Galileo International.

Discover the Joy of Leading: A Practical Guide to Resolving Your Management Challenges

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