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YouTube Rolling Out Live Mobile Streaming

YouTube is getting ready to take on Facebook Live with a little live streaming of its own.

The video site has launched a mobile live streaming feature available to channel owners with more than 10,000 subscribers, although all creators will have the ability eventually.

“It’s a launch that’ll put the power of live streaming in the hands of hundreds of thousands of talented creators, giving them a more intimate and spontaneous way to share their thoughts, lives, and creativity,” YouTube said in a blog post.

Mobile live streaming has been built into the YouTube mobile app. To begin streaming, open YouTube and hit the capture button. Live videos will have the same features as regular YouTube videos, meaning they can be searched for, found via recommendations or playlists, and protected from unauthorized use.

“Our mobile live streaming uses YouTube’s rock-solid infrastructure, meaning it’ll be fast and reliable, just the YouTube you know and love,” YouTube said. “And we’ve been working hand-in-hand with hundreds of creators to refine the mobile streaming experience while they stream from a boat or take live calls from their fans. Based on their feedback, we did things like slowing down live chat (it turns out receiving 2,000 messages per second is a little too fast!) and pushing for better streaming quality across devices.”

The new live streaming ability complements YouTube’s new Super Chat tool, which enables viewers to pay to make their comment stand out in the chat stream. The feature translates into more money in the pockets of content creators. Now out of beta, Super Chat has been launched to creators in 20 countries and viewers in more than 40 countries.

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  • It’s interesting that it did not take long for YouTube to implement this and make it live. I guess copying is the best form of flattery. Although it’s currently for the “YouTube Stars” I wonder how long before it’s available to everyone else. What’s good is that it’s simple so that you don’t need any additional features or apps to make it work.