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The 3 “Ins” of Successful eCommerce Websites

With eCommerce rapidly taking over the world (wide web), getting your business to the front line should be a priority.

More than ever, consumers are ignoring the malls, outlets, and corner stores to go in search of products and services from the comfort of their homes. As Internet traffic continues to grow and evolve, it’s easy for websites to get lost in the abyss of search pages.

In this crazy, technologically advanced world, your eCommerce site needs to be well equipped to succeed. As long as you follow the three “Ins” of eCommerce, you can stay on track: intrigue outsiders, interact with visitors, and inspire leads to make a move.

1. Intrigue

Draw in potential leads.

Increase traffic to your site by producing intriguing content. Content comes in all varieties, from images and videos to every written word on your website. Start and maintain a blog that focuses on your industry, featuring pieces ranging from the latest news to best practices. Make your content practical and easy to read. Blogging boosts business and credibility. In fact, the blog has recently been dubbed the fifth most reliable source for online information. Clearly, people are influenced by what those with experience have to say about their industries and products. Statistics have also shown that businesses that regularly publish blog posts receive 97 percent more inbound links, so why wouldn’t you put your know-how out there?
Keep your website content fresh—update statistics and case studies. Make learning fun by designing interactive infographics to keep visitors occupied and informed. The longer they linger, the more likely you are to gain a sale.

2. Interact

Allow visitors to communicate with one another and with you.

Provide them with opportunities to interact. Forums are great places for customers and other visitors to share and gather firsthand insight on your products and reach out for assistance and ideas. The Internet is buzzing with websites like ProBoards, Lefora, and Forumotion, inviting you to create a free forum to get the community chatting.
Enabling comments on your blog gives readers a chance to ask questions and for you to reply with just a few clicks, keeping your audience engaged and impressed with your speedy service. You’ll outrank other businesses just through outstanding customer service.

3. Inspire

Turn leads into sales.

Inspire your visitors to take the next step toward investing in your products—include a short and simple call to action on every page and be sure visitors have easy access to your contact info. Provide contact forms in sidebars, have a separate “Contact Us” page, and make sure your phone number is visible in the same spot on each page.
Reach out to those who’ve abandoned their online shopping carts—if possible, set up and disburse email reminders that include images of whatever products are patiently awaiting their return.
Remember, consumers are more likely to purchase from a brand they trust, and it helps them to know their purchases are helping society. According to a recent Edelman Trust Barometer study, 84 percent of those surveyed stated that they believed a business can serve its own interest while also benefiting others in a charitable way. One way for your brand to stand out from the rest or your industry is to use your website to show the world how your business turns its beliefs into action. Include a social impact strategy and a mission statement on your website and let potential buyers know how their purchases will benefit the community.

The business of eCommerce can be a bloody affair, but it doesn’t have to be. Recognizing and building a business strategy to maintain the three “Ins”—intrigue, interact, and inspire—will help shield your business and allow you to come out on top.

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Mike Canarelli is the CEO and co-founder of Web Talent Marketing, a full-service digital marketing agency based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. As the force behind Web Talent, Mike lays the foundation for his clients’ success by applying his experience, expertise, and passion for excellence to every account. His mission, and the mission of the agency, is to partner with clients to deliver exceptional results. Follow him on Twitter @MCanarelli.

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  • managing ecommerce website marketing is tough now a days SEO, Social media, PPC are play main role it takes time to achieve goals and convert leads into loyal customer. You give awesome tips it will help me a lot i will try it.