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Microsoft Partners With Steelcase to Bring Offices Into the Future

Microsoft is teaming up with office designer Steelcase to “explore the future of work.”

The companies are combining Microsoft Surface devices with Steelcase architecture and furniture to create “Creative Spaces,” a concept that explores how to best design offices and furniture to accommodate constant advances in technology.

“The problems people face at work today are much more complex than they used to be. They require a new creative way of thinking and a very different work process,” Steelcase vice-president of strategy, research and new business innovation Sara Armbruster said. “We believe that everyone has the capacity for creative thinking, and people are happier doing creative, productive work. Together, Microsoft and Steelcase will help organizations thoughtfully integrate place and technology to encourage creative behaviors at work.”

The Creative Spaces concept is made up of five different types of work spaces, featuring different types of Microsoft devices. They are the:

Ideation Hub — An area that supports active participation and the ability to collaborate with co-located or distributed teammates on Microsoft Surface Hub.

Ideation Hub

Respite Room — A private room allowing for solitude and individual think time.

Respite room

Focus Studio — This area is perfect for alone time to focus and get into flow, but can quickly shift to two-person collaboration. It is perfect for focused work with Microsoft Surface Book or Surface Pro 4.

Focus Studio

Maker Commons — Designed to “encourage quick switching between conversation, experimentation and concentration,” it is the ideal for a mix of Surface devices, such as Surface Hub and Surface Book.

Maker Common


Duo Studio — This space enables two people to create a product togther, while also supporting individual work with Microsoft Surface Studio. This space comes complete with a lounge area not to mention Microsoft’s Surface Hub.

Duo Studio

You can learn more by clicking on the video below:

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  • I first watched the Microsoft Surface Desktop’s Video on youtube. Currently, i’m using an iMac, but i fall in love with the Surface Desktop at the first glance. You can call this love at first site. However, i’m still waiting for the day when i can buy it in India.

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