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March 28, 2017

Google Home Coming to the U.K. April 6

Google Home will land in the U.K. on April 6.

Google, in a special event in London today, unveiled a smart speaker specifically tailored to a British audience.

“We know the U.K. has been patiently waiting for Google Home to arrive and we’ve been working with our favorite partners to give you the best possible experience,” Google Home director Suveer Kothari said in a blog post.

Google Wifi

Google Wifi

“We’ll partner with more of your favorite apps and services to help you do more with Google Home over time. And of course, we’ve hidden a few British treats for you to discover. Just try asking Google Home about its hobbies or favorite foods.”

The voice-controlled, AI-powered Google Home assistant was built to be a control center for the home. The device can perform Internet searches, answer questions and perform tasks like updating your schedule or booking a reservation.

Google Home can answer questions such as “Where is the nearest petrol station?” and then answer a follow up question like, “When does it close?”  It can also offer up news briefings from publications such as the BBC, The Guardian, The Sun and The Telegraph.

The device can be linked to Chromecast and Smart devices and appliances, meaning it can control the temperature in your home, not to mention the Smart fridge and television.

Google Home, which made its U.S. debut seven months ago, is a challenger for Amazon’s Echo device, which has been around much longer and enjoys a wider customer base.

Available April 6 for £129 from the Google Store, Google Home will also be available for purchase from Argos, Dixons, John Lewis and Maplin and is coming soon to EE. Colored bases will be available for £18 for fabric and £36 for metal on the Google store.

The tech titan also introduced Google Wifi “a home Wi-Fi solution that works with your modem and internet provider to bring you reliable coverage.”

“Google Wifi is a connected system that replaces your current router to bring smarts, security and simplicity to home Wi-Fi to give you consistently strong coverage in your home,” Kothari said.

“Google Wifi uses a technology called mesh Wi-Fi (something usually only seen in expensive commercial installations). Within our mesh network, each Google Wifi point creates a high-powered connection, and the different Wifi points work together to determine the best path for your data.”

The technology brings Wi-Fi coverage to “hard-to reach areas.”

Available for £129 in a one-pack and £229 in a two-pack from the Google Store, it will also be sold at Dixons, Argos, Maplin and John Lewis and is coming soon to Amazon.


Jennifer Cowan is the Managing Editor for SiteProNews.