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Amazon, Sony, Netflix Among Top 10 Most Respected Brands in U.S.

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Amazon, Sony and Netflix are among the 10 most highly-regarded companies in the United States.

Released by the Reputation Institute (RI), the annual list quantifies the emotional bond stakeholders have with 800 leading companies and how these connections encourage consumers to purchase a company’s products, recommend a brand or even invest or even work for the company.

Three technology firms made the top 10 list although Amazon was bumped out of first place this year by jewelry maker Rolex. Just behind Amazon, in the No. 3 spot is Sony. Netflix sits in sixth place.

“The bar for reputation is getting higher than ever before,” RI vice-president and managing director for the U.S. and Canada Stephen Hahn-Griffiths said in a press release. “The key to earning an excellent reputation for any company requires a strong focus on delivering high quality products and services, and assurances of good governance coupled with a commitment to good corporate citizenship,”

netflix-on-ipadThe top 10 companies are:

  1. Rolex
  2. com
  3. Sony
  4. LEGO Group
  5. Hallmark
  6. Netflix
  7. Kimberly-Clark
  8. Hershey
  9. Fruit of the Loom
  10. Barnes & Noble

Other tech companies to make the top 100 list was Google at No. 17 and Samsung at No. 63. Samsung, which was in the No. 3 spot last year suffered a significant drop due to the controversy over its Galaxy Note 7 recall. 

“The most successful firms have a proactive, 360-degree focus on reputation, engaging its leadership to drive and actively communicate both product and corporate reputation initiatives,” RI vice-president and chief research officer Brad Hecht said. “Whether it is successfully building reputation capital, as shown by Kimberly-Clark’s positive reputational gains in 2017, or creating a reputation buffer, which served Samsung well during its 2017 crisis, having a strong reputation is critical to both ensure customer loyalty and maintain stakeholder trust.”

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