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Hire Rates Dip in March Among U.S. Employers

Photo by Ben Scholzen.

U.S. employers hired fewer people in March, than the first two months of the year, but new hires are still up over 2016, LinkedIn revealed in its latest Workforce Report.

The slight downward trend — a 1.3 percent drop from January to February and 0.9 percent from February to March — is nothing to worry about LinkedIn economist Guy Berger said in a blog post.

“While hiring cooled slightly in February and March, it was red hot in January,” Berger said. “So hiring remains solid.”

Check out the full report in the video below:

Meanwhile, Austin is now the city with the third largest skills gap, taking Houston’s spot on the list.

That gap is caused by both a lack of and an abundance of workers with particular skill sets, Berger explained.

Skills in abundance include technology skills like integrated circuit design and virtualization while service-industry skills such as healthcare management, retail store operations, and nursing are more limited.

“Austin’s economy is changing. It’s possible some skills are becoming obsolete, while supply of workers with scarce skills hasn’t caught up,” Berger said. “Regardless, Austin gained the second most workers in the last year. So if you’re considering moving to Texas’ state capitol, make sure you check out its City Report to ensure you have the skills employers there need most.”

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