3-in-1 Infini Hub Helps Make Your Home Smarter

Infini is taking the Smart home to the next level.

The three-in-one Smart home hub keeps your Smart home related applications in one place, eliminating the need to scroll through your handset looking for the right apps.


Infini app
Infini app

The touch-screen device, which is currently featured on Kickstarter, installs into any existing light switch and enables you to easily manage and use Smart sensors, apps and Internet services.

“Having a smart home is becoming increasingly popular, but no one wants to deal with the at-home annoyance of the current smart hub situation,” said Infini CEO Mathieu Di Fazio. “That is why we came up with the idea for Infini. Right now, it is very convenient to manage your home with apps when you are away from the house. However, when you come home, finding the app, changing the setting and confirming the command takes longer than it should. Infini eliminates this at-home annoyance.”

The 3.38-inch by five-inch device enables users to control lighting, temperature, automatic blinds, cameras, doorbells, security systems and various sensors. Infini also offers integration with Uber, Spotify and Pandora and can connect with a number of popular Smart home devices.

Check out the specs below:


The intelligent device is available for pre-order on Kickstarter and starts at $199. It comes in white, black and space gray.

The start-up, however, must hit its $50,000 crowd-funding goal for the device to become a reality — meaning if the goal is not reached, Infini will not make it to production.

As of Monday evening, the campaign had received just $14,787 of its goal with 30 days left to go.

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