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Facebook Updates Rights Manager to Better Protect Content Creators

Facebook’s latest policy update will help ensure only content creators reap the financial benefits of their videos.

The social networking firm has announced new automated rules for its Rights Manager tool to better protect publishers from freeboating, a practice in which a user downloads someone else’s copyright-protected material with the intention of stealing clicks.

The update enables content creators to find matches of their video content on Facebook via its revamped dashboard.

“Previously, the rights owner would review these matches in the dashboard to take action,” Facebook product manager Xiaoyin Qu said in a blog post. “To help make management more efficient for rights owners, we’re now enabling them to automate more of the process, and providing more options for what happens to matched content. This means that the rights owner can decide to set an action to happen automatically when a match of their content is found on Facebook, simplifying the process.”

Once the content owner has identified a ‘match,’ he or she has the option of using the claim ad earnings tool to redirect a portion of the ad revenue.

Other options include being allowed to block matched content from being viewable on Facebook upon upload, permitting the matched content to remain viewable with the rights owner having the ability to monitor video metrics or sending the match to the Manual Review tab to be reviewed and acted on at another time.

Owners can also make use of ‘match conditions,’ a criteria they set to determine if action is taken on a match of their content. If match conditions are met, then the match action they chose takes place automatically.

The update is rolling out globally to all Pages using Rights Manager over the coming weeks.

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