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May 9, 2017

Top Secrets of High Converting Websites Revealed

After investing in building a website and doing SEO for better search ranking, any business would expect to see incoming traffic converted to business transactions. But do all websites really achieve their conversion goals?

There are many factors affecting the conversion rate for websites.  Having a well designed and traffic-pulling website is great, but what if such a website does not bring business growth? To ensure high conversion rates, businesses need to study customers’ behavior and base their strategies on that. Here are few techniques that have helped many companies reach excellent conversion figures in recent times.


1. Focus on user experience

It is important to understand the basic element of website design: the site must be easy to navigate and provide users with a wonderful experience. Too often websites are very design-centric and are made from a designer’s point of view. Such websites are technically powerful and visually appealing, but they fail to ensure good user experience. Therefore, in the planning phase, designers and business architects should direct their thoughts toward an end user’s perspective and frame designs to ensure great user experience.

2. Well targeted call-to-action statements

This may be a bitter pill to swallow, but the conventional call to action statements do not work like they used to.  It’s high time to have a look at the call-to-action panel and revamp it. Statements, which prompt users to any sort of action, should be framed in such a way that it lets the users feel like they are in charge. Rephrase the traditional ‘YES’ or ‘NO’ buttons to something like ‘Yes, I want to earn money’ or ‘No, I am all set in my life.’ Such tricky statements increase the chances of positive responses.

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3. Use of testimonials for building trust

Today’s customers are empowered like never before. Studies reveal that around 78 percent of Americans make online purchases after going through testimonials and positive reviews. Hence, it is difficult for businesses to grow today unless they build trust with their customers. To engage more customers, testimonials from celebrities and popular organizations are very helpful. At the very least, glowing testimonials give users a reason to explore your site further. Best case scenario, they make a purchase. High converting websites uses statistics and hard figures as proof for the credibility of their offerings.


4. More emphasis on user benefits

This is a very primary yet simple business tactic that high converting websites have mastered. Successful businesses focus on the benefits for the customer. While it is good to use content in praise of your products, too much can turn customers away. Instead, tell customers the benefits of the product. Businesses should highlight user benefits rather than focusing on self-advertising.

5. Creating a sense of urgency

It is a natural human tendency to delay. Customers are more likely to buy when there is an urgent requirement or in cases of scarcity of product. While businesses have no control over the requirements of customers, they can certainly make the customers believe the product is in danger of running out. The use of phrases like “Order soon! Only 10 left in stock,” or “$20 discount on first 500 purchases” create urgency and can convince customers to make the purchase.

6. Clear navigation path

High converting websites have sleek website designs, and they always offer a smooth navigation path for their users. Customers have a plethora of options before them. If a website offers too much complexity of navigation, users will head to other websites. Therefore, designers must keep the design as minimalist as possible and ensure higher loading speed, easy navigation and fewer intruding pop-ups, which will ensure a hassle-free browsing experience for the users. Besides comfortable navigation, it is important that users can find the products easily and should not get frustrated with unnecessary pages and forms in between.

7. Hassle-free checkout process

Once the user decides to make a purchase, then the work is almost complete. According to market researchers, customers should be allowed to make transactions with minimal steps at checkout. The fewer forms there are to fill out, the less chance there is for customers to change their minds. Hence, a very simple and secure checkout process is necessary for websites seeking high conversions.

8. Live chat system

Having a live chat support feature in the website serves multiple purposes. First of all, it helps to build trust with users. If users know there are real people for them to talk to, they become more confident in the site. Live chat enables users to ask questions and clarify doubts instantly. Chat agents can also engage the customers by offering help when the user logs in. However, the chat system should not be intrusive because this can cause customers to leave the website.

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These techniques are very generic in nature, and a wide range of business types can apply them. Achieving high conversion rates is neither very easy nor rocket science. The key to success is to continually test various formulae and improve with every mistake.


Rajesh Bhatia is the CEO and founder of NicheHype IT Services, a global IT consulting firm with expertise in delivering IT solutions. Bhatia is an experienced Unbounce designer.