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May 12, 2017

Tips to Harness the Power of E-Mail Marketing to Support and Improve Your SEO Campaign

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SEO (search engine optimization) is made up of two fundamental components: off-site and on-site optimization. Off-site optimization is all about posting top-notch content on external publications. The key is to build inbound links straight to your site. On-site optimization on the other hand, focuses on improving the layout and performance level of your blog or website. For your campaign to succeed, you have to produce original and high-quality content. You will also have to target keywords; only those that are directly linked to your business should be used to raise awareness. Use of social media will increase visibility rendering more links, and more links make room for e-mail marketing to be put to good use.


E-mail: A powerful tool that creates engagement

Don’t expect to send 30 e-mails a day about something as trivial as ‘digital marketing NYC,’ and expect to see your website rank high on search engines. That won’t happen any time soon. What you need is a campaign with supportive marketing resources, so that you can attract searchers for different marketing-related terms. E-mail alone is not enough to improve a SEO campaign. Your recent article about generating leads shared on Facebook might get you some traffic; but when sending e-mails to prospects, you’re delivering two things: that article you shared on Facebook, and a newsletter inviting them to read (and maybe share) your post.

Build a large subscriber base

Convincing people to enter your website or blog, and subscribe to whatever you want to offer them is a lot more challenging than meets the eye. Savvy online marketers are well aware that 100 users that are dedicated and engaged can bring more benefits to your company’s bottom line than 10,000 customers who are not. How can that be? When it comes to using e-mail to improve a SEO campaign, the money part makes a rather unusual switch from quantity to quality.

It doesn’t really matter how well-crafted your subscriber list is because you should constantly aim to expand it. If you want to attain incredible SEO results, the best thing you can do is compel your audience to interact with your content. The key is to keep people hooked because if your copy is good, it will be much easier for you to garner valuable subscribers. With e-mail marketing you can boost user engagement through different channels (social media, direct marketing included); in the long-term, this increases SEO results.


Create a connection with your target audience

As far as e-mail marketing is concerned, it’s vital that you have a target audience, and get the best type of content out there. Don’t just send everyone the exact same type of e-mail. Focus on crafting a killer subject line because it’s the first “piece of writing” that people see when they get your e-mail. Unless it’s catchy, you won’t convince them to open and read your copy. Compelling subject lines instill a sense of excitement and curiosity, which plays a key role in boosting open rates.

Mobile-friendly images when sending out e-mails

The way your e-mails look says a lot about your website and company brand. Use of nice images when sending e-mails is a great way to entice your subscribers. Compelling images and mobile-friendly design go hand-in-hand. Both should play a key role in your e-mail marketing tactics. Why do images matter so much? They help prospects to better understand the message you wish to convey. Steer clear of using unrelated content and images that have nothing to do with your brand in an attempt to grab attention. It just doesn’t work. As an alternative, it’s better to stay focused on images that bring value. Use infographics and charts to tease your subscribers, and encourage them to read your newsletter to get more valuable details on the topic.


Improving your SEO campaign can only be done if you commit to looking after your target audience. E-mail marketing done right can have a huge impact. Follow the tips above to get the most out of your campaign.


Jason Phillips is a business writer and blogger. He has written several high quality articles. He also works for 247 Web Experts offering website designing and internet marketing services.