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May 16, 2017

5 Tips for Hiring the Best Java Outsourcing Partner

Java outsourcing has become the need of the hour as companies focus on getting experienced development teams regardless of their physical location. With virtual work becoming a norm, rather than the exception that it was earlier, companies that invest in Java outsourcing reap benefits like extensively skilled resources at lower prices than onsite resources, and swift handling of attrition through a spare resource stepping in with the complete updated knowledge of the project.

How to make sure you get the best Java talent from your outsourcing partner

A lot of planning has to go into the shortlisting of your outsourcing partner. Choosing the right Java outsourcing partner depends on the flexibility of hiring processes according to your company standards as well as the internal working of the outsourcing firm. It is essential to note that choosing an outsourcing partner based on just the hourly price of the resources mostly results in project failure.

Instead, resources should be hired based on the following criteria:

1. Verify CVs

It is of utmost importance that each employee applying as a possible candidate for Java outsourcing should be subjected to a thorough background check for verification on identity, degree course and previous employment record. While a technical degree like bachelor’s in software engineering, IT, computer science, etc. is preferred, candidates with other degrees should also be allowed to apply if they have good experience in developing Java applications. Certifications like Oracle Certified Professional Java SE Programmer, Oracle Certified Professional Java ME Mobile Application, etc. should be desired, but not mandatory.

2. Expert knowledge of all major Java tech

Java is a vast platform and it is impossible to know it completely. Those who claim so, must be immediately rejected. Companies should focus on  hiring resources who like studying and experimenting in Java technologies, even when they are not assigned to a particular project.

The following skills should be evaluated: 

  • Programming skills : JDBC, Oracle, JQuery, MySQL, MongoDB, JSON/REST, Servlets, Spring, JPA, EJB, JMS, JSF.
  • ORM Solutions : MyBatis, Hybernate.
  • •Architectural skills : Apache Wicket, Spring MVC, GWT, Struts, etc.
  • •Enterprise skills : Enterprise Java Beans, Java EE, Java Security API, etc.
  • •IDE skills : Eclipse, Intellij Idea, MyEclipse, etc.

3. Experience in your industry 

It is necessary that the shortlisted resources have in-depth experience in developing a wide variety of applications utilizing various facets of the Java platform. However, it is also necessary that the major projects (in terms of number and/or complexity) should be in the domain that you are currently working on. This is of utmost importance at least in the case of hiring a project manager. Other resources can be hired on a trial basis to see how they adapt to newer fields, if they do not have extensive relevant experience to your project domain.

4. Client Testimonials 

The feedback for each individual resource as well as for the Java outsourcing company as a whole should be taken into consideration when making the final choice. These days, fake testimonials are easily available and outsourcing companies do not have any qualms using such unethical methods to garner client base. Hence, care should be taken to verify the sources of these testimonials for their genuineness.

5. Infrastructure

Since the whole team will be working remotely, it is of prime importance to know the network availability and seating arrangement of the team. Is it an office setup or a number of individuals working independently from their homes? Both setups have their own advantages and disadvantages. The main agenda should be to ascertain whether all members of the team will be able to collaborate effectively and be available online during work hours.


Aaron Jacobson is an experienced and innovative web apps developer at TechnoLigent which is fastest growing company in the IT industry. It has a passionate and professional team of developers in various area such as asp .net development, Microsoft dynamics CRM, Java Offshore Development, Hadoop Big Data, Pentaho BI, Oracle, Mobile application development on Android, iOS and other cross platforms.