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Pinterest Bringing Visual Search to Ads

Pinterest is ramping up its ad offerings to marketers by bringing its visual search technology to Promoted Pins in the near future.

The president of the visual media site, Tim Kendall, announced the change on stage at this week’s TechCrunch’s Disrupt NY 2017 event, saying the company will soon apply its consumer visual discovery tools — Lens, Instant Ideas and Shop the Look — to aid marketers in the optimization of their ads.

Tim Kendall
Tim Kendall

Once Pinterest launches the new technology for marketers, ads will appear in instant ideas and related pins, powered by its visual discovery technology.

Since launching Lens, Instant Ideas and Shop the Look for consumers back in February, Pinterest is able to surface more relevant ads based on visual signals. The company plans to use those same tools  to bring “more value” to advertisers.

“We plan to put theses ads in Shop the Look and Lens,” Kendall said. “Let’s imagine I was at a friends house … I saw their dining room table … and I thought, I’d like to know where that table is from… so, luckily, I have Pinterest and was able to use Lens to capture an image of that table. Once I do that, Lens produces a bunch of visual tags and relevant results below it. What would be possible, and again, this isn’t available today … is I could show an ad within these results … promoting a similar dining room table.”

This technology relies on training data: visual data and data on how users interact with the images is needed. Kendall said Pinterest wants to ensure the data and the technology are in a place where relevant ads are always surfaced.

The new technology, in the short-term, will allow businesses and marketers to get a “higher volume of high quality clicks” because their ads will be relevant to the people perusing them.

In the medium- to long-term, the technology will enable companies to simply give Pinterest an image of the product they want to sell — no keywords or targeting parameters  necessary — and Pinterest’s computer vision technology will perform the relevancy match and ranking to get the ads in front of the right audiences.

Kendall did not say when Pinterest would make the tools would be available to marketers.

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