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May 22, 2017

7 Tricks to Write an Effective Cold E-Mail

Photo Credit: Adikos via flickr (CC BY 2.0)

Does sending cold e-mails to unknown people reap any benefits to your objective? Would any of them respond to your e-mail? Questions like these might come to our minds when we think about using cold e-mails as an option to market our products and services. To be true, these are definitely effective when done in the right manner. Besides making some attractive mailers, it is important that you are sending something that is useful to the readers.

There are a number of tricks that can make your e-mail look attractive and appealing to the readers. Some of them are:

  1. Make sure you offer something valuable: This is one of the most critical things to consider; you need to make sure you are sending something interesting. Your content should be extremely important encouraging people to engage and respond. Remember the first impression you give is the last impression. Your first e-mail will be the decider on if a reader will take time to read your messages. Hence, you have to make sure that it offers value to your readers.
  2. Empathize: This could make a lot of difference in the way you write an e-mail. Visualize the problem and imagine how it could be solved. Follow that by preparing a solution. Your e-mail should begin with a description of the problem and then describe the problem can be eliminated with your service or product. This method can pay dividends: people may not only use your product or service themselves, but recommend it to friends and family.
  3. Avoid overselling: Ensure that you are not selling straight away. It is important to introduce yourself and draft a soft pitch before focusing on the product. Also, do not stuff your e-mail with too much text. Too much print makes for a boring read and often turns readers away. An effective e-mail is short and simple.

Lastly, never boast that your product or service is the best. It is better to let the readers decide that for themselves.

  1. Make it informal: Schools have taught us to draft letters in a formal way, but this method doesn’t have relevance when preparing cold e-mails. An informal tone with a personal touch is very important when creating a promotional e-mail. Address each recipient by name to keep it friendly.
  2. Send confidently: Confidence is key when you wish to promote your product or service. Offer real life examples that have been solved by the product or service and then explain how your readers can enjoy similar results. Just remember not to confuse confidence with cockiness or rudeness which will not make a favorable impression on your readers.
  3. Be available to communicate: End your e-mail with your contact information and the times you are available to converse or answer questions.
  4. Follow up your e-mails: People do not always respond to an initial e-mail. Getting noticed in the inbox may take one or two follow-up e-mails.

So there you have it; seven basic principles that make for the perfect ingredients when drafting a promotional e-mail for your product or service. With these things in mind you can enhance your chances of promoting your products/services and reaching a bigger market base with ease.


Laura Carter is an editor and blog writer at dissertation writing service blog. She is a content marketer but her passion is academic writing. Follow carterlaura15 to see more of her works.