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What is SMAC and How Does it Help Information Technology?

The concept that there are four technologies acting as drivers of business innovation today is known as SMAC: Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud. These four create an environment that enables businesses to improve their operations and come closer to their client base enjoying maximum reach while keeping overhead costs at a minimum. Data generated by customers is created using sensors, loyalty card programs, mobile devices, website browsing and social media. This unstructured data is used by businesses to create a new model of doing business. Neither one of the four technologies mentioned earlier can be ignored or come as an afterthought. The synergy of all four is what creates the much-needed competitive advantage.

The main advantage of SMAC is that organizations using these technologies become more collaborative, productive and better connected while getting real time information. Why are these four technologies the pillars of SMAC?

  • Social Media – These platforms are dominating the market. So much so, that businesses and industries around the world are using social media platforms to market their products and sell them. It is a great way to connect to the audiences that they are targeting.
  • Mobility – In the past, laptops and PCs were the means by which people paid bills, shopped and so much more. Today, both have been overtaken by Smartphone technology.  People have gone mobile. As such, user friendly apps have been created to enhance the customer’s experience and make it more satisfying.
  • Analytics – There is plenty of data generated on a daily basis by a myriad of companies and individuals. The information collected is used in the formation of new policies and strategies. It is companies that are keeping tabs on the data being created that will emerge as market leaders and game changers in their fields. Best practices in building Management Information System helps companies to gather their insight information.
  • Cloud – The value of the cloud is that you can store data in massive amounts without having to worry about losing it. As such, it creates the confidence that boosts productivity and innovation.  With the cloud, computing has become both user-friendly and convenient and it is now an important instrument where strategy is concerned.

When it comes to large and small companies, you often find that larger ones have practices that are quite entrenched, which make them slow in the uptake of innovation. Smaller companies on the other hand are more agile and adopt innovation faster. With SMAC, that is now likely to change. Decisions will be driven by SMAC leading to the redefinition of enterprise IT. It is believed that with SMAC geographical barriers will be eliminated, businesses will operate better and costs will be lowered.

The cloud will change an organization’s foundation unlike the other three. It is taking programs and company data and storing it elsewhere instead of using an in-house server. This is cost-effective, makes collaboration easier, increases agility and also accelerates the performance of a business overall. The cloud also scales easily, which makes it ideal when businesses need to ramp up quickly, or cut down abruptly.

Social technology on the other hand, enables quick and easy content sharing, rapid content creation, wider distribution of information and better collaboration. With the advent of improved mobile technologies, people can now connect easily all the time. Additionally, information has become much easier to access. Analytics is being used in the enhancement of supply chains and the optimization of customer relationship management. When the vast data is created, analytic tools and techniques are used to provide deeper insight into what is happening with the consumer.

SMAC has also been referred to as “future enterprise technology.” However, it is safe to say that this technology is currently in place and being exploited. IT solutions that are currently available are being redefined by SMAC. This ecosystem is able to deliver a service that is holistic, backed by different entrepreneurial approaches and multiple technology enablers that can be disruptive. Finding the perfect Web and mobile apps development company that provides a SMAC IT solution for your business is key.

The one thing that causes SMAC to stand a cut above past technology architectures is its diversity. Each one of the four technologies carries more layers within it. This gives a wide range of options, all of them equally assorted and diverse. It is safe to say that SMAC has set its foundation. What remains is for further exploitation, adoption and adaptation of this technology since it is currently in its infancy. That said, it is believed that the convergence of the four technologies will lead to a great number of opportunities that will empower businesses to move forward to greater advancement.

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