T-Mobile’s Digits Service ‘Dragging the Phone Number Into the Digital Age’

T-Mobile is launching a new technology next week in a bid to revolutionize the traditional phone number.

The wireless carrier this week announced its Digits service, which has been in beta testing since late 2016, will be available to all customers beginning next Wednesday (May 31).

DIGITSLogoAs of Wednesday, all T-Mobile phone numbers will automatically switch to Digits, meaning customers can use their Digits on the device of their choice.

“If you want your phone calls to ring both your Smartphone and your connected smartwatch, Digits can make that happen. Want to shoot off a text from your tablet or laptop? Digits can do that, too,” T-Mobile chief operating officer Mike Sievert said. “Moving forward, it’s all part of being a T-Mobile customer.”

The Digits upgrade is free for all of the carrier’s customers and a second Digits line is available for $10 a month with AutoPay. T-Mobile’s ONE Plus with taxes and fees included currently comes with a free extra Digits line.

According to T-Mobile stats, 31 percent of business owners use two or more phones with work numbers and personal numbers, meaning they need to cough up the cash for two plans.

“We’re ending that awkward Two-Phone-Juggle,” said Sievert. “With Digits, you don’t have to carry two phones to have two numbers. Now, you can use more than one Digits line on the same Smartphone—for business, for life, for anything you need. That’s going to save a lot of people a lot of juggling and a lot of money.”

Businesses can also use Digits to get employees up and running on their Smartphones or for group or general business lines. Digits can be used as the number for the sales department so that, when it rings, everyone in the department gets the call. Businesses can also keep those Digits and all associated contacts and recent history, even if an employee leaves the firm.

Extra Digits lines will be available at

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